• The Crisis in Europe: Depression Economics – Social Crisis – State Policy – Alternatives

  • 28 Sep 12 Posted under: Contemporary Capitalism
  • International Workshop by transform! europe in Vienna, 15-16 January 2010

    Europe is fighting against the deepest recession since the great depression in the 1930s. We are now facing a severe social crisis with rising unemployment and growing pressure on what has been left of the welfare states after the neoliberal regime. In this process the state and the central banks played an active role and stopped the free fall of the economy. But: this is not the end of the crisis yet. And without illusion: the political Left is not the winner of this "game". Wage earners and average tax payers shall pay to save the assets of the wealthy.

    The workshop focussed on four topics:

    • The causes of what has to be characterized as a systemic crisis,
    • the role of politics and the state in the world economic crisis,
    • the social consequences of the financial and economic turmoil as well as
    • alternatives and transformation strate­gies proposed by the political Left and progressive social forces.

    The workshop brought together about 60 experts from 14 European countries, among them political protagonists from trade unions and social movements but also elected representatives.


    Elisabeth Gauthier, Joachim Bischoff, Bob Jessop, Francisco Louça and Maria Karamessini

    Euclides Tsakolotos, Peter Fleissner, Jiri Malek, Stephen Bouquin, Asbjörn Wahl and Lutz Brangsch 

    Walter Baier, Thomas Händel, Jürgen Klute, Miguel Portas and Francis Wurtz.



    Find the videos of the sessions on the right

    Seminar languages are English, German and French.

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