For a Nonviolent Style of Thinking
  • In the brief reflections offered here I am prompted by a provocative idea of the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas and by an approach enunciated by Pope Francis. 1. Lévinas writes in Otherwise Than Being, The true problem for us Westerners is not so much to refuse violence as to question ourselves...
    The Left and Christian Nonviolent Consensus
  • A few weeks ago I took part in a Conference in Brescia in honour of the 60th anniversary of Paul VI’s Encyclica Populorum Progressio (March 1967). This document contains interesting reflections on the issue of violence. Paul VI, of course, criticises the use of violence, but he admits some...
    Pope Francis and the Opening of a Christian-Marxist Dialogue
  • At the second WMPM (World Meeting of Popular Movements), held in Bolivia in 2015, after the first which took place in Rome in 2014, President Evo Morales presented Pope Francis with a cross composed of a hammer and sickle. Reading the speech given by the Pope at the last Meeting (Rome 2016) – this...
    Dialogue of Critical Minorities
  • During the private audience that Alexis Tsipras, then still leader of Greece’s parliamentary opposition, and I had with the Pope in 2014, which, as L’Osservatore Romano reported, lasted 35 minutes, the Pontiff said it was high time to turn a new leaf in the relations between the Catholic Church and...


    'The Art of Changing Capitalism' – A Transformational Polemic
  • When the left thinks about alternatives they usually envision struggles. Already Marx and Engels understood the history of all societies up to then as 'the history of class struggles'. Wolfgang Kessler, chief editor for more than twenty years of the Publik-Forum – a left-oriented Catholic journal – shows that these struggles also require an art.
    Dialop for Marxists and Christians
  • Syros is an island three hours by ferry from Athens and the ‘capital’, as it were, of the Aegean Islands. Its history is one of refugees and immigrants who brought with them diverse cultures and religions, which still exist today in respectful coexistence. The presence of two churches, one Catholic...
    ‘Building a Europe of Bridges Instead of Walls’
  • Ever since the meeting of Alexis Tsipras and Walter Baier with Pope Francis in September 2014, the contents of this proposal have been clearly focused on war and peace, poverty and social justice, ways out of the ecological crisis, and a humanistic approach to the immigration crisis.
    Marxist-Christian Symposium on Common Challenges in Europe
  • The election of Pope Francis obviously created a new climate for the relations between the Church and the European Left. At the meeting in September 2014 between the Pope, Alexis Tsipras and Walter Baier, the principle was adopted of beginning a new process of dialogue between Catholics and Marxists.
    Pope Francis Meeting the Left
  • On Thursday 18 September, Pope Francis received in a private audience the two European politicians of the Left, Alexis Tsipras and Walter Baier. Tsipras is Vice president of the European Left Party and president of the Greek party SYRIZA. Baier is coordinator of the network transform! europe. The meeting served the purpose of introducing an unconventional dialogue in the face of an increasingly dangerous global situation.