Information Society



    Radical Community Manager Seminar in Amsterdam
  • Spanish collective Xnet that helped arrest the former Managing Director of the IMF came to Amsterdam to share their skills, tools and strategies with social movements, civil society organisations from all over Europe.
    A Joint Candidacy Calls for a Joint Campaign
  • Matthaios Tsimitakis from Alexis’ social media campaign team emphasizes: We call upon all comrades who are online to intensify their support for Alexis’ candidacy for the next 25 days. It may prove crucial in the effort to make the Left a stronger force in the next European parliament.
    Networking for the Emancipation of Labour
  • Supported by transform! europe, Transnational Institute, Networked Politics and IGOPNet, an international seminar on Networked Labour was held in Amsterdam from 7 to 9 May.