Education and Research



    The Pretext for Privatization of Greek Higher Education
  • Higher education reforms, by using a discourse of quality, competitiveness and “attractiveness” of the university, are of the most important risks going on in many countries, as they are connected not only with issues such as the denigration of university as a public good with the relative reduction of national funds, the promotion of entrepreneurship, marketization processes and commercialization of knowledge, but they are also connected with student-debt and control of the future generations.
    “University, Science and Research: European Resistances and Alternatives”
  • On Friday, 31 January, the AKADEMIA-Network of transform! europe organised a two-day conference in Madrid on the question of University, Science and Research in Europe. It was hosted by the three Spanish members of our network: the Foundation for a Europe of Citizens (FEC), the Foundation for Marxist Studies (FIM), and the Catalan Foundation L’Alternativa. The conference took place on 31 January and 1 February 2014 at Residencia de Estudiantes/Spanish Centre of Scientific Research (CSIC).
    An Alternative Welcome at the University of Athens
  • Greek university education is going through the most critical phase in its entire history, because the Ministry of Education is implementing a harsh mobility scheme for the administrative and technical staff of the country’s eight largest universities.
    Alarming Reduction of Tertiary Education in Greece
  • For at least the past four years the public and democratic university has been systematically undermined by the neoliberal governments through its institutional liquidation, that has destroyed the collective and democratically elected academic bodies, and predominantly by its economic strangulation.
    Urgent Petition from Greek Universities
  • Based on financial logistics rather than on criteria of academic excellence, the ATHENA scheme of the Greek government regarding University Education calls for the merging of the Departments of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish Languages and Literatures, into a single “Department of...