The Danish People’s Party: A Journey to the Centre [1]
  • The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti DF)2 was the big winner of the European Parliament (EP) elections in Denmark with 26.7 per cent of the votes. This represented a rise in the party’s votes of 11.2 per cent compared to the EP elections in 2009. The Danish People’s Party was also one of the...
    Danish Elections – New Government
  • A new Danish government was formed on October 3rd, consisting of three parties: It is led by the Social Democrats – the other participants are the Liberal Democrats (”Det Radikale Venstre”) and the Socialist People’s Party – SF. Enhedslisten/the Red-Green Alliance (RGA) is a supporting (tolerating)...


    EP Elections in Denmark
  • The EP elections were a victory for a neo-liberal agenda and to a much lesser degree for a green one, although here - as in some other EU member countries - the vote for “green” parties served to reduce the vote f0r the radical left.


    Danish Referendum on Joining the EU Military
  • A referendum will be held on 1 June to decide whether Denmark participates in the military dimension of the EU, the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). It was called by five parliamentary parties, including the governing Social Democratic Party.
    In the Great Transformation
  • The Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten (Denmark) adopted at its Annual Congress on 5 – 6 October a program on globalisation entitled A Green Earth With Peace and Room for Us All, thus becoming the first party providing a comprehensive analysis on the current stage of international capitalism. Read Walter Baier's review.
    A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All
  • Draft Globalization programme submitted by the National Board of the Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten, Denmark, to the party’s next Annual Congress on 5 - 6 October. It is a programmatic text about global development.
    On the Result of the Referendum in Denmark
  • On 3 December the Danes voted “No” to ending Denmark's opt-out on the EU’s justice and home affairs rules. Enhedslisten - the Red-Green Alliance are very happy about the result, which we see as a “No” to less democracy and less legal certainty – but not a “No” to international cooperation.
    Danish Elections – A Right-wing Victory
  • Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Denmark were surprising in many ways. The extreme right-wing Danish People’s Party became the big winner, which also led to a huge defeat of the biggest party in the last elections in 2011, the Liberal party “Venstre”.


    “Climate Change - Collateral Damage of Military Spending”
  • Over the past few years, Transform!Danmark International Climate Conferences have focused on the need for systemic change to tackle climate change. With this conference we want to continue and strengthen our arguments and work to build political, economic, social and ecological alternatives.