Western Balkans


    A Journey to the Centre of the Transition
  • The event On April 23, 2009, a group of unemployed textile workers in Novi Pazar, southern Serbia, began a hunger strike. Their main demand – in the name of all 1,532 members of the Association of Textile Workers of Novi Pazar, Sjenica, and Tutin – was the payment of outstanding...


    Finally Some Visibility for Illegal Austrian Pushbacks!
  • In a groundbreaking court ruling earlier this month, exclusively translated on behalf of transform! europe, the Regional Administrative Court of Styria (Southeast Austria) upheld the complaint by a young Moroccan man who was pushed back by the Austrian border police and declared this practice illegal and inhumane.
    "Party of the Radical Left" founded in Serbia
  • The new party resulted from the transformation of the Social Democratic Union (SDU) – a process in which student movement activists participated as well as members of the Left Summit of Serbia and DiEM25 – which led to the most significant unification of Serbian left forces in the last thirty years.
    Breaking with Transition
  • The Balkan Society for Theory and Practice (BSTP) recently published a special issue of Feminist Critique: “Breaking with Transition: Decolonial and Postcolonial Perspectives in Eastern Europe”, in collaboration with Feminist Critique Journal. This issue is the result of the presentations at the 2018 BSTP workshop, supported by transform! europe.
    Is Nationalism Obsolete?
  • Is nationalism capable of dealing with, or even addressing, the issues of our time? Dealing with this question, the Balkan Society for Theory and Practice (BSTP) – supported by transform! europe – held its second annual workshop in Prishtina, Kosovo.
    The Struggle Goes On
  • On the development and current situation of the powerful students' protests in Albania.
    BSTP Workshop: Is Nationalism Obsolete?
  • The Balkan Society for Theory and Practice will hold its second workshop on July 1-12th, 2019, in Prishtina, Kosovo. We welcome applications from all disciplines and encourage activists and artists to apply even if their work is not in the form of a traditional paper.
    Centre for the Politics of Emancipation
  • In autumn 2018, transform! europe could welcome the Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE) as new observer organization. Read about the CPE presenting itself.
    After the Referendum and the Vote in the Parliament of North Macedonia
  • The referendum in the Republic of North Macedonia on the approval of the Prespa Agreement, registered a strong majority of the YES, almost 94%, although this result was accompanied by a high percentage of abstention. In addition, what is happening in view of the debate in Parliament is indicative of...
    “Studies of Socialism” – Radicalism for Radical Times
  • Over the course of 2017, the Belgrade-based Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE), in cooperation with transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – Southeast Europe, established the “Studies of Socialism” educational programme with the aim of introducing young people in Serbia to radical left critical theories and practices.
    The Transit Migration Situation in Serbia
  • Marta Stojić Mitrović, speaker at this year’s Summer University of EL and transform! europe on the transit migration in Serbia, the Serbian migration politics and the connection to the EU migration regime.
    Why could a third-way party gain such a victory?
  • The results of the general elections in Albania came as a surprise to almost everyone: A landslide victory for the ruling Socialist Party, a political disaster for the Democratic Party and historically strong abstentionism.
    Democracy Is More Than Just Elections
  • In last five years in Serbia the dominant political actor is conservative Serbian Progressive Party (SPP). In this period the opposition was hit by the defeat from which it hasn’t recovered until today and it does not represent substantial alternative to the current regime.
    Serbian 2016 Elections: Neoliberal Continuity
  • Even though Serbia’s recent elections featured some new candidacies, these “newcomers” are not new at all. The parliamentary landscape continues to look the same, with the same faces cropping up again and again over the past 25 years. Unfortunately, there is no left-wing option which could use current developments and propose an alternative to the current state of affairs.
    A Revolution on the Periphery of Europe
  • On 7 February, government buildings were on fire all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, silent for a long time, finally decided to speak their minds. And when they did, those were not words – it was a roar. It was fire, stones and heavy fighting with the police.
    Albanian Political Forces and the EU Integration Process
  • Following the publication of the latest EU progress report on Albania, an intense debate broke out over the country’s accession prospects. A first approximation of the political discourse expressed by Albanian parties – irrespective of size or ideology – would reveal that the issue ranks high at the political agenda.


    At the Heart of Fortress Europe
  • The study provides a broad mapping of Austrian-based multilateral cooperation, actors, and or­ganisations that are heavily involved in EU border externalisation policies far beyond Austrian borders – and therefore in the violent and sometimes lethal approach to people on the move.
    Right to Water
  • Defending water as life's most important resource is becoming an increasingly important topic across Europe and the world. The pressures of private interests threaten the availability of drinking water and thus problematize the concept of water as a public good. The struggle for water is becoming more real in Serbia as well.


    CANCELLED: Race and Racism in the Balkans
  • The 2020 Balkan Society for Theory and Practice [BSTP] Workshop organised with support of transform! europe, which will be held in Prishtina, Kosova, will focus on the unique processes of racialization, ethnicization, and Othering particular to the Balkan region.