Solidarity with Afghanistan
  • Read the statement of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) on the current situation in Afghanistan, in which it condemns the military intervention as it serves to strengthen reactionary nationalist positions and calls for any foreign policy to be based on respect for human rights and the sovereignty of all states.
    Die LINKE on Bundeswehr Deployment in Afghanistan
  • Stefan Liebich, Member of the German Bundstag and vice chair of the Parliamentarians Group on the USA, on his party’s position on German military intervention, differing views within DIE LINKE, and the lessons to be drawn.
    A Defeat Whose Victim is the People in Afghanistan
  • After twenty years of war and attempts at state-building, the West’s Afghanistan crashed to the ground. It is a disaster that requires we ask what was political responsible for it. Yet already before people could be rescued, the blame game began among Western politicians – each condemning the other for this catastrophe.