• Preface

  • This volume, the fifth in the series of yearbooks published by transform! europe, is appearing in the year of the European Parliament elections. Few people in Europe have heard of the Manifesto of Ventotene, and most who were aware of the summit that Hollande, Merkel, and Renzi held on the island of Ventotene in the summer of 2016 in honour of the Manifesto do not know that it was written by anti-fascists imprisoned on the island, notably by Altiero Spinelli, a member of the Italian Communist Party. And fewer still realise that Spinelli and his Federalists protested at the 1957 founding event of the European Economic Community, calling it a ‘monster’ having nothing to do with their...
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Becoming Subjects of History – Art, Theory, and Politics

  • Contradictions in Marxist Feminism(1)
  • Par Frigga Haug
  • My title does not indicate an intention to find errors in Marxist Feminism but rather to understand contradictions as making change possible. The approach is a dialectical one that does not involve...

Challenges for Left Strategy

Labour, Precarity, and Organisation

The Left and the Question of Europe


  • Remembering 1968
  • Par Luciana Castellina
  • When people remember ’68 it always seems that they are not celebrating the same event. Memory is dominated either by nostalgia or repression, both having a distorting effect. But this is not always...

Country Reports

The Marxist-Christian Dialogue

  • The Manifesto of Hermoupolis
  • ‘Politics is one of the highest forms of charity, of love’, Pope Francis We the participants of the Christian-Marxist DIALOP Summer School, considering the cultural complexity of Europe and its...

  • Why a Marxist-Christian Dialogue?
  • Par Michael Löwy
  • During the last few years transform!europe has been participating in a process of dialogue with Christians, more precisely, Catholics. The idea for this dialogue originated in a meeting in 2013...

Economic Update

Book Order

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  • The transform! yearbook 2019 examines current challenges for the left forces in several European countries, explores the lessons of super majority strikes and other recent organising experiences, and...