Re-founding the European Union

Reform of the Revolution

  • On Economic Democracy
  • Par Michael R. Krätke
  • Throughout the world there is consensus around the idea of democracy as the one and only viable concept of a good order. However, that consensual view remains restricted to the realm of politics. A good society today is conceived as a mix of political democracy and … a capitalist market economy.

  • Building a "Socialism of the 21st Century"
  • Par Leo Gabriel
  • It has become fashionable nowadays to associate the student and youth movement of 1968 with the worldwide attempt to build a political culture of a new kind; but very few bear in mind the qualitatively different impact this outburst of subjectivity had on the political developments in the North and in the South and East.  

  • Hegemony, Nonviolence and Transformation
  • Par Giuseppe Prestipino
  • Gramsci certainly did not disdain the conquest of power via an assault on its palace. But his idea of revolution perhaps became a “revisionist” one as it was understood by the founding fathers, though it conceded nothing to reformism. 

  • On a Feminist Conception of Work
  • Par Lia Cigarini
  • I would like to discuss with you the question of labour from the point of view of its feminine specificity which has been, and is, in my opinion, creating new political forms and a new way of thinking...

  • Radical Politics and Ideals
  • Par Juha Koivisto
  • In the Preface to the Critique of Political Economy Marx regards law, politics, religion, art and philosophy as “ideological forms“ in which social struggles are fought out (MEW 13, 8). Recalling the...


  • A New Left-Wing Dynamic?
  • Par Elisabeth Gauthier
  • An important feature of the municipal and cantonal elections in France was a steep rise in the abstention rate – in sharp contrast to the 2005 referendum and the 2007 presidential election. Fifty-four...

  • Giving Notice to Neoliberalism
  • Par Kaarina Kailo
  • The Lessons of Health Care Union Resistance in Finland and Canada Jyrki Katainen, the Finnish government’s current Finance Minister, made an infamous promise to voters during the last elections: to...

  • Reading Beauvoir
  • Par Marlene Streeruwitz
  • The young woman, who wants to write an essay on Beauvoir tells me, she would not enjoy reading her. “It really gets you down,“ she says. She looks at the table and pushes the microphone back and...

  • Left Without Work
  • Par Ruurik Holm
  • In April, Left Forum, a Finnish component of the Transform network, published a volume entitled The Left Looking for Work (in Finnish: Vasemmisto etsii työtä, Like Publishing Ltd.), authored by the...

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