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  • Elections 2014

    1. This year’s elections to the European Parliament were held together with the runoff presidential elections. This resulted in a much higher voter turnout of 47%, compared to 20.5% in 2009.

    A 5% threshold applies, and seats are awarded by proportional representation.

    2. Besides the domestic issues, the Ukraine crisis played a major role. Due to the Russian actions, this crisis is widely perceived primarily as a dramatic strain on the bilateral relationship with Russia. Thus, there has been an increased focus on Lithuania’s membership in the European Union and in NATO in recent months.

    3. Election results

    Voter turnout: 47%

    Conservatives:  17.4% / 2 seats
    Social Democrats: 17.3% / 2 seats
    Liberals:  16.5% / 2 seats
    National Conservatives:  14.3% / 2 seats
    Labour Party: 12.8% / 1 seat
    Polish minority: 8.0% / 1 seat
    Agrarians and Greens: 6.6% / 1 seat

    4. The elections were clearly dominated by domestic issues. The top candidates fielded by the political parties at the European level did not play a prominent role. 


    Results 2009



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