• Diem's 25 campaign for the European Parliament elections in May 2019 is underway, gathering a coalition from across the continent in a movement for European Spring
  • Introducing the European Spring programme

  • 31 Jul 18
  • "This week, we made an important step forward in this movement: introducing the European Spring policy programme and inviting all of our members – from any party, from any country – to help shape it. In order to do so, sign up at www.our.europeanspring.net, the common platform of communication with all our prospective partners as well as independent progressive voters.

    To submit a proposal, simply click on a part of the policy diagram, read what we have so far on that topic and then use the “amend” or “propose” buttons underneath, or go to the forum to discuss solutions first. If you submit your proposals this way, and join the forum discussion there, your ideas can be picked up transnationally, including by people who aren’t in DiEM25.

    Alternatively, if you are completely set against joining the platform, you can review the beta programme at www.diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/European-Spring-Policy-Programme_ENG_Final.pdf and send comments to program@europeanspring.net

    The election of our common candidate for the presidency of the European Commission (spitzenkandidat) and any votes to decide policy questions with regard to the European elections will also take place on this new platform, since this has to be agreed by all participating parties. So join up, and help DiEM25 lead our coalition!"

    source: diem25.org