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  • 02 Oct 18 Posted under: France , Migration/Contre le racisme
  • The editorial boards of Regards, Politis and Mediapart join forces to launch the Manifesto for the Welcoming of Migrants signed by 150 intellectuals, artists, activists, trade unionists and personalities of civil society.

    All over Europe, the far right is progressing. The passion for equality is supplanted by the obsession with identity. The fear of no longer feeling at home outweighs the possibility of living together. Order and authority overwhelm responsibility and sharing. Every one for himself/herself takes precedence over the public mind.

    The time of the scapegoats is back. Forgotten to the point of becoming invisible: the frenzy of financialization, the incessant round of goods, the spiral of inequalities, discrimination and precariousness. In spite of the real figures, the cause of our misfortunes, we are told, is the "migratory pressure". From there to say that to eliminate the discomfort, it is enough to stop migratory flows, the way is not long and too many already engaged on it.

    We do not accept this. The roots of contemporary sorrows are not the displacement of human beings, but the unlimited reign of competition and governance, in the primacy of finance and in the deafness of technocracies. It is not the immigrant workforce that weighs on the wage bill, but the increasingly universal rule of competitiveness, profitability, precariousness.

    It is illusory to think that migration flows can be contained and interrupted a fortiori. By willing to do so, we always end up being committed to the worst. Regulation becomes increased police control, borders become walls. And closure inevitably produces violence ... as well as a steep rise in the number of undocumented and exploitable illegal immigrants. Globalization as it is means that capital and commodities move without control and without constraint while human beings cannot. The free movement of women and men has never been the creed of capital.

    In the coming decades, migrations will expand, voluntary or constrained. They will touch our shores and our own countries, like today, will have its expats. Refugees driven by wars and climatic disasters will be even more numerous. What are we going to do? Continue to close borders and let the poorest welcome the extremely poor? It is morally unworthy and rationally stupid. The Politics of the ostrich-like ... After us the Flood? But the flood will be good for all of us!

    No concessions must be made to these ideas, imposed by the far right, and which the right has too often rallied, and which even attempts a part of the left. We, intellectuals, creators, activists, trade unionists and citizens above all, say that we will not bend our heads. We will not be dealing with the commercial property of the far right. Migration is an evil only in societies that turn their backs on sharing. Freedom of movement and equal social rights for immigrants in host countries are fundamental rights of humanity.

    We will not give the far right the gift of thinking that they are asking good questions. We reject their questions, along with their answers.

    source: regards.fr

    Translation: Tatiana Moutinho, Antoine de Cabanes

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