• 07 novembre 2013 - 09 novembre 2013
  • Paris
  • Venue:
    Université Paris Nord
    (University of Paris 13, Campus Bobigny)



  • The transform! Economists Working Group at the 25th Annual EAEPE Conference

  • From 7 to 9 November 2013, the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy will hold its annual conference in Paris. The conference theme will focus on the state and future of industries in Europe, with a special emphasis on policy.

    The transform! Economists Working Group (TEWG) will be actively present and take the opportunity to share its views on productive reconstruction – this issue being at the core of transform! europe’s crisis programme.

    Members of the TEWG and unionists from Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, France and Germany will lead two panel discussions on the following topics: “Which policies for productive reconstruction in Southern Europe?” and “Which EU industrial policies in time of crisis and ecological transition?”. The discussions outcomes will be the subject of a publication, contributing therefore to the debate on a positive way out of the European crisis.

    Please find the programme of the transform! panels below.

    Full programme here


transform! europe Session 1

Saturday, 9 November, 11.00-13.00

Which Policies for a Productive Reconstruction in Southern Europe?

Chair and Discussant: Sigfrido Ramirez

  • Annamaria Simonazzi: Sapienza University of Rome: Wanted: an Industrial Policy for the Southern European Countries (the Case of Italy).
  • Armando Steinko: Complutense University of Madrid: New Models of Production and Socio-Ecological Transformation. For a Cooperative European Division of Labor.
  • Valia Aranitou: University of Crete: Industry, Competitiveness, Sectorial Policies in Greece: Towards an Alternative Growth Strategy
  • Gabriel Sakellaridis: University of Athens, Nikos Poulantzas Institute: The Productive Model of Greece as a Cause of the Current Crisis and a Proposal for a new Model for Sustainable and Inclusive Development


transform! europe Session 2

Saturday, 9 November, 13.30-16.30

Which EU Industrial Policies in Times of Crisis?

Chair and Discussant: Elisabeth Gauthier

  • Jean-Christophe Le Duigou: CGT: Which Place for Europe in the New Industrialized World in the Making? (French)
  • Mario Pianta: University of Urbino: An Industrial Policy for Europe.
  • Josef Baum: University of Vienna: Are Cheap Fossil Fuels Comparative Advantages? Views on (Re)Industrialization and Energy in Europe and USA.
  • Sigfrido Ramirez: University of Copenhagen: The European Government of Industries: Between the Politics of Industries and Industrial Policies