• 15 février 2023 - 15 février 2023
  • Rome
  • Evangelical Methodist Church
    Via XX Settembre

    and online

  • Peace-Conference
  • Let´s Desert the World War in Pieces

  • 20 years after the largest global demonstration in history (held on 15 February 2003 in Rome), peace and human rights activists from 5 continents come together and reinterpret current conflicts in the reality of world war.

    The conference is taking place in the framework of the Europe for Peace movement, of which transform! europe is a member.

    The following topics will be addressed at the conference:

    • 20 years later, reflections on the meaning, scope, and legacy of the largest peace demonstration in history

    • Perspectives from the 5 continents on the world war in pieces and on the challenges of the international anti-war movement, with the protagonists of the time

    • Feminism, climate justice, the struggle for freedom: testimonies of movements compared

    Among the speakers is transform! europe´s Co-President Marga Ferré, who will address the issue of war in pieces in the European context.

    There will be simultaneous interpretation in English and Italian at the event.

    Zoom link for online participation will be published here soon.


Wednesday, 15 February 2023

16:30 (CET): Video contribution

17:00 (CET): Opening by Un Ponte Per Organisation

17:10 (CET): Introduction speech


  • Mirella Mannocchio, Pastor Methodist Church Via XX Settembre Rome          

17:20—17:50 (CET): Session 1 —  20 years since February 15th 2003


  • Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition - UK
  • Piero Bernocchi, COBAS
  • Raffaella Bolini, ARCI
  • Ismaeel Dawood, Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative          

18:00—18:50 (CET): Session 2 — The world war in pieces


  • Asia - Walden Bello, Co-Founder Focus on the Global South
  • USA - Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Political Studies
  • Russia - Alexander Belik, Conscientious Objectors Movement
  • Latin America - Edgardo Lander, Transnational Institute and Global Dialogue
  • Africa - Moussa Thangari, Alternative Espace Citoyens
  • Europe - Marga Ferrè, Co-President transform! europe          

19:00—19:20 (CET): Session 3 — Points of view


  • The feminist point of view -  Ada Donno, Gruppo Femm Cura, Associazione Donne Regione Mediterranea
  • The climate justice point of view - Emanuele Genovese, Fridays for Future
  • The point of view of freedom struggles - Parisa Nazari, Iranian activist

19:30 (CET): Europe for Peace - The Mobilisation for peace in Ukraine


  • Sergio Bassoli, CGIL and Europe for Peace

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