• 20 septembre 2013 - 22 septembre 2013
  • London
  • Appel à contributions
  • Conférence 2013 du groupe de l'EuroMemo

  • Appel à communications pour la conférence annuelle du Groupe EuroMemo en septembre 2013 à Londres


    Call for Participation 

    We would like to invite you to attend the conference and to participate in one of the following workshops:

    • Economic and financial policy: The official policy focus on fiscal discipline and austerity has driven the European economy into a renewed recession, with widening economic and social divisions both within and between member states. This workshop will focus on the macroeconomic and financial policies necessary to promote full employment with good jobs and an end to the hardship and social differentiation that has been rising in many parts of Europe.

    • Governance and democracy in the EU: This workshop will examine critically the recent changes in EU governance towards a ‘surveillance union’: the Fiscal Compact, the six-pack of legislation and the associated ‘scorecard’, the proposed two-pack and the bailout conditions imposed by the troika. It will also ask whether governance changes are possible to promote an effective and solidaristic alternative to austerity - what moves towards federalism could be economically feasible and politically legitimate?

    • Tax policy, poverty & inequality: Economic and social deprivation is rising in Europe. As major corporations shelter their profits from taxes, public spending on economic and social programmes is subjected to renewed restrictions. Contributions to the workshop are particularly encouraged on the role of tax policy, including combating tax avoidance and promoting a more progressive system of corporate and personal taxation.

    • Industrial policy and social-ecological transformation: The European single market, the common currency, and now austerity policies have all contributed to a deepening process of deindustrialisation in many parts of Southern and Eastern Europe. This workshop will focus on the need for the development of industrial policies that promote good jobs in socially and ecologically desirable investment projects in every part of Europe.

    • The EU-US free trade agreement and EU external relations: The EU’s mercantilist approach to trade policy has contributed to the paralysis at the WTO and a shift to bilateral negotiations. Contributions on the proposed EU-US trade agreement, and its implications for employment, social cohesion and the environment, both in Europe and in other parts of the world, are especially encouraged.

    If you would like to participate in a workshop, please copy the registration form into an email and reply to info@euromemo.eu.

    Further information here.