• Jens Holm invites the European Left to discuss the transition to sustainable transport: how can topics as diverse as the digital revolution, the climate crisis, the future of our cities and global value chains be integrated in one discussion?

  • Without the construction sector, there can be no productive transformation and no Socialist Green New Deal. In this ePaper Stephen Schindler shows why it is so important for the left to familiarize itself with the construction sector and to push it...

  • Defending water as life's most important resource is becoming an increasingly important topic across Europe and the world. The pressures of private interests threaten the availability of drinking water and thus problematize the concept of water as a...


Des partis de droite avec un programme nationaliste et populiste peuvent-ils arriver au pouvoir au cœur de l'Europe ? Quels défis pour la gauche ?

Le concept de Commun fait de plus en plus sens pour ceux qui luttent en faveur d’une transformation sociale coïncidant avec une transition écologique. transform! europe entend apporter son soutien aux recherches portant sur les formes de ces luttes et sur leur relation au concept des Communs.


"The times they 're a-changing"

Powerful, Moving Bernie Sanders 2020 Ad