• Natural Gas – No Solution for Climate Change

  • Auteur Frida Kieninger | 19 Mar 19
  • In times of an urgent climate crisis and climate movements, the calls for alternatives to dirty fossil fuels become louder and louder. The biggest climate enemies we know about so far are oil and coal. They emit considerable amounts of CO2 and we will inevitably have to stop using them to keep global temperatures within livable ranges.
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  • Speech at the ¡No Pasaran! Conference
  • The Reactionary Rebellion

  • Auteur Walter Baier | 18 Mar 19
  • The experiences in Hungary, Poland, Austria and elsewhere make clear the antidemocratic character of these right-wing extremist parties, which, once in government, infiltrate the state apparatus in order to take precautions against their being deprived of power again. Is it possible to speak, in a scientific sense, of a fascist danger in Europe?
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  • Analysis
  • Greece: Back On Track After 10 Years

  • Auteur Danai Koltsida | 12 Feb 19
  • On August 21st 2018 the third and last Greek memorandum came to its agreed end. Today, a full account of the political and economic developments during the past six months proves that the end of the memoranda era was not only of symbolic but also of important practical value, bringing Greece back on (economic, social and political) track.
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  • transform! europe collected short spots on feminist struggles in Argentina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

  • As in past years, transform! europe supports the EuroMemo Group in producing the printed versions of EuroMemorandum.


Un an avant les élections européennes, il n’est toujours pas clair comment les forces progressistes et de gauche entendent mener campagne. Un « Focus » sur le dialogue entre les forces de gauche.

Des partis de droite avec un programme nationaliste et populiste peuvent-ils arriver au pouvoir au coeur de l'Europe ? Quels défis pour la gauche ?

Les nouveaux acteurs sociaux créent de nouveaux défis pour les formes de l'organisation de l'action politique.



The Toronto launch of the Socialist Register 2019: The World Turned Upside Down.

Introduced and moderated by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo, recorded in Toronto, February 2019.

SR 2019 poses two overarching questions for the Left in a new period opened by the Trump election and the continued growth of right-wing nationalism around the world.

Is there an unwinding of neoliberal globalization taking place, or will globalization continue to deepen, but still deny the free cross-border movement of labour? Would such an unwinding entail an overall shift in power and accumulation to specific regions of the Global South that might overturn the current world order and foster the disintegration of the varied regional blocs that have formed?


  • Sam Gindin: Trumping the Empire.
  • Nicole Aschoff: American’s tipping point? Between Trumpism and a new left.
  • Colin Leys: Corbyn and Brexit Britain: Is there a way forward for the left?