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  • Contribution from the Freedom Fest 2023
  • Equity & Social Justice in a Digital World

  • 31 Aug 23
  • Join us as we explore fresh perspectives from Roland Kulke on Equity and social justice in a digital world. Watch the video session of his thought-provoking contribution on the dynamic interplay between technological progress and social justice, presented at the Freedom Fest 2023 Forum on Knowledge, Innovation and Technology held in Kerala, India.
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  • Analyse
  • La gauche et la guerre inter-impériale

  • Par Michael Brie , Heinz Bierbaum | 13 Aug 23
  • S'appuyant sur Rosa Luxemburg et à partir d'un regard critique historique et géopolitique, Heinz Bierbaum et Michael Brie analysent la guerre en Ukraine comme guerre inter-impériale et exhortent la gauche à lancer une initiative pour donner forme à un concept de sécurité collective européenne cohérent prenant en compte aussi le voisinage de l'UE.
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  • transform!
  • In Solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky

  • 28 Jul 23
  • Left-wing theorician Boris Kagarlitsky has been arrested in Russia on Tuesday on a charge of “justifying terrorism” based on his discussion about the motivations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Crimean Bridge explosion. We at transform! europe call for his immediate release. Read below the appeal by Rabkor to free Boris.
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  • Asylum reform
  • EU-Tunisia Deal: The Spirit of 1951

  • Par Sofian Philip Naceur | 17 Jul 23
  • Tunisia and the EU signed a memorandum of understanding for a "strategic partnership" on renewables, economic development, and — for all — migration in July. The ongoing EU ’s asylum reform and this long-sought deal with Tunisia aiming at externalising borders are the latest steps in its war on migrants. The author calls for new counter-strategies.
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  • Commentary
  • Beware Europe’s New Green Colonialism

  • 03 Jul 23
  • Europe is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions largely by consolidating new forms of extractivism and sacrifice zones in the South. The authors Nnimmo Bassey, Breno Bringel, Liliana Buitrago, Madhuresh Kumar, Kavita Naidu, Vasna Ramasar, and Maristella Svampa analyse recent EU policies and advocate for alternatives to Green colonialism.
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Economics Working Group Blog Series

  • Série d'articles du Groupe de travail économique – Partie 1
  • Les crises financières comme des guerres

  • Par Roland Kulke , Luca Lombardi | 20 Apr 23
  • transform! europe a lancé un nouveau groupe de travail économique (GTE) en 2023 pour répondre aux crises actuelles causées par la phase récente du capitalisme. Ce premier article du GTE propose une approche particulière des crises financières ponctuant l'histoire du capitalisme moderne.
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Upcoming Events

  • International Conference
  • Socialism in Our Time

  • 30 septembre 2023 - 01 octobre 2023 |   Berlin
  • Once again this year, Jacobin magazine and transform! europe are organising the International Conference "Socialism in Our Time" in Berlin in Berlin from 30 September to 1 October. Join us for two full days of debate, discussion, education and celebration with hundreds of socialists from across Europe and North America.
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  • Conference
  • 2023 Global Climate Jobs

  • 06 octobre 2023 - 08 octobre 2023 |   Amsterdam
  • As one of the supporters, transform! europe invites you to join the 2023 Global Climate Jobs Conference in Amsterdam from 6 to 8 October, when climate, social and labour movements and activists will come together to organise and build social power for radically progressive policies that stop climate change!
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  • Nicosia Book Fest 2023

  • 07 octobre 2023 - 08 octobre 2023 |   Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Join us at the transform! europe stand at the Nicosia Book Fest in Nicosia, Cyprus on 7-8 October! This successful book festival has been organised since 2016 by an observer organisation of our network, the research institute "Promitheas".
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  • IMF/WB annual meetings
  • Global Counter-Summit of Social Movements

  • 12 octobre 2023 - 15 octobre 2023 |   Marrakech
  • The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will hold their annual meeting in Morocco this October. Join us in Marrakech from 12 to 15 October, on the occasion of the forthcoming annual meetings of the WB and IMF, to discuss the unjust international monetary system but also how we can achieve Climate Justice for all.
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Calls for Proposals

  • Carnation Revolution [CALL FOR PROPOSALS ► 10 Sept 23]
  • Congress "50 Years of the 25 April 1974"

  • 28 Jul 23
  • The Portuguese Revolution of 25 April 1974 and the PREC (Ongoing Revolutionary Process, 1974-76) continue to be discussed in the social sciences and humanities fields, especially in recent decades through innovative approaches. This International Congress welcomes proposals for papers from multiple academic areas.
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  • transform! europe explores the dynamics of the European elections 2024, addressing low voter turnout, distrust in institutions and the challenge of the 'European issue' in political debates. Dive into the enduring left-right cleavage, sociological...

  • New Release
  • Building a European Public Opinion

  • Par Roberto Morea | 28 Jul 23
  • Climate change, the living conditions of women, war, immigration: these are some of the issues addressed and told from different points of view and at different latitudes in this ePublication published by the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) in cooperation with transform! italia and co-funded by the European Union.
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  • The aim of this research is to develop and provide basic knowledge on the challenges of the "coal exit" for the areas of North Czech Republic, East Germany and large parts of South-West and Central Poland.

  • Youth expresses the most militant and promising part of the political left, playing a central role in social mobilisations and political uprisings. But are left-wing parties in Europe credible to Millennials and Gen Z? Why do even the radical parts...

  • It is obvious that political environmentalism unfolds differently according to gender. This study aims to explore the heuristic dimension of ecofeminism and contribute to rethinking our contradictions, methods of struggle and possible cross-class...

  • Cette étude scrute l'extrême droite au Parlement européen (PE) de 2019 à aujourd'hui (septembre 2022) sous divers angles : les suites des élections de 2019, l’organisation de l'extrême droite européenne au PE, et les points communs et divergences...

EU Peripheries / 100 Shades

  • transform! europe présente une étude comparative des aspects économiques, politiques et idéologiques de la périphéralité dans l'Union européenne.


transform! yearbook 2022

transform! yearbook 2022 looks at how left politics has been challenged by the Covid pandemic and asks what a programme of left demands for pandemic research, prevention and treatment might look like. transform! yearbook 2022 will be released in June.

The publication is available as hardcopy at Merlin Press and as eBook on the transform! yearbook website.