• Left alliance “Europa ANDERS” fails to enter EP
  • Austria

  • 02 Jul 14
  • Elections 2014

    Video Statement of Martin Ehrenhauser, top candidate of “Europa ANDERS”


    Results 2014

    Voter turnout: 45,5 % (down 0,5 %).


    IN POWER: Social Democrats + People’s Party

    Radical Left in EP: 0 of 19 Seats

    The member of the Party of the European Left, the CPA gained 1% at the last national elections. It is part of the electoral alliance „Different Europe“ with the Change Party, the Pirates and independents. If the alliance reaches a mandate, which is not fully unrealistic, it will join the GUE/NGL.


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    “Europa anders” – An electoral alliance for a different Europe


    Election Results 2009

    Results 2009: percentage

    Results 2009: seats

    Results 2009