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  • The Resilience of the Rule of Law Depends on the Court's Decision

  • 06 Oct 20 Posted under: Greece , Rightist Movements
  • Étienne Balibar, one of the world's most eminent Marxist philosophers, on the upcoming verdict in the Golden Dawn Trial.

    Originally published in the Greek left-wing newspaper Epochi

    Undoubtedly it is up to each sovereign country to prosecute and judge its citizens in accordance with the law when they are suspected of heinous crimes, a fortiori when their participation in those crimes, or their role in inciting to them, is obvious.

    But, in addition, the way in which such legal proceedings are conducted is for all European citizens an object of legitimate concern that requires their attention, especially when these trials are of significance for the preservation of democratic values, which are our common good. In this perspective, bringing to justice criminal actions that are attributable to the ‘Golden Dawn’ party has special meaning.

    For years, this party’s endeavours and projects for an ‘authoritarian counter-revolution’ in Greece, which bring back the grim memory of twentieth-century dictatorships, as well as the party’s violent actions against refugees and foreigners, against strikers, against activist workers and students of the left, are at the forefront of a neo-fascist movement that is spreading across Europe, threatening our freedoms and our future.

    That is why, as European citizens and long-time friends of the Greek people, we expect the judgment that will be handed down on October 7 to properly sanction all those responsible for the criminal actions attributable to Golden Dawn with no exception, including direct perpetrators as well as political leaders who sponsored, encouraged, and legitimated these actions. We will judge the strength of the rule of law in Greece and in Europe by the irreproachableness of the court decision. 

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