• Urgent letter to the European civic society
  • We Decide The Future Of Europe

  • 10 Jul 15
  • Dear friends,
    Europe must respect the mandate of Greece. On Sunday 12th the future of whole Europe will be decided.

    Last week the OXI vote demonstrated the strong will of the Greek people to reject austerity and reclaim democracy, which is a precondition for the future of our Europe.

    Therefore we call upon all Europeans and the European civic society in all its expressions, to demand from their national parliaments and governments a fair deal for Greece and Europe. They should be prepared to prevent political decisions, which will lead to irreversible and dramatic consequences. Greece is Europe and Europe is Greece!

    A European problem needs a European solution.
    This is not only a Greek issue, it concerns us all.

    With kind requests to spread this in your network and with solidaric greetings,

    Nicos Poulantzas Institute and transform! europe