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  • SYRIZA solidarity initiatives all over Europe

  • 21 Jan 15
  • Find here an overview of European-wide solidarity initiatives in support of SYRIZA and the Greek people, prior to the Greek parliamentary elections on 25 January.


    Appeal “Change4all”: Change Greece – Change Europe – Change4all

    300 intellectuals, trade unionists, artists and activists from all over the world, have launched an appeal uniting their voices to say: “We will defend the right of the Greek people to make their decisions freely; to break with austerity; to say ‘no’ to the humanitarian crisis which has plagued the country; to pave the way for a real alternative for Greece – for a social and democratic reorientation.”

    Greek people are standing in the crossroads of democracy. Two political platforms, one leading the way to Austerity and fear (the ruling government); the other one paving the way for hope (SYRIZA), this is the decision on the 25th of January which they must take.

    Despite the external interventions coming from the neoliberal political elites, hundreds of people from all over the public space, support the right of the Greek people to determine their own future through democratic elections.  

    Sign the appeal and find links to various other appeals and solidarity initiatives here: www.with-the-greeks.eu

    4.400 people have signed (incl. 300 initial signatories) until 21 January.




    Initiatives per country



    • 10-day Speakers tour through Austria of SYRIZA and Solidarity4All activist Giorgos Chondros in January. A number of events have hosted all over the country in cooperation with various local groups (unions, socialist youth and students organisations, attac, CPA) who want to work on the issue. Discussion of SYRIZA’s main demands and policies in meetings with relevant stakeholders of trade union/chamber of labour / parties. Various interviews with Austrian newspapers, radio and TV stations.

    • Participation of Austrian journalists and correspondents in Athens to a journalists‘ delegation, organised by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

    • Election night party in Vienna with Life Stream, twitter Wall, Skype and "Revolouzo" on 25 January

    • Manifestation of joy on 26 Jan in front of the house of the European Union (to stress the European dimension of the election victory of SRIZA)

    • Facebook page "Griechenland entscheidet" (Greece decides) as tool for linking to progressive articles and opinions and providing backgrouind information in German on a daily basis. It went life on 16 Dec 2014, had nearly 3,000 likes by mid January. Half of viewers are from Germany, a quarter from Austria.

    • Opinion pieces in Austrian newspapers by various authors in solidarity with SYRIZA and in favour of a left election

    • Social media campaign: spreading the call "change4all"

    • Book presentation and public debate with Marlene Streeruwitz, a famous Austrian writer who just published a novel called “The travels of a young anarchist through Greece” on 17 Dec 2014 . Her book is widely covered in Austrian media.

    • Event with Brazilian intellectual Carlos Roberto Winckler "In governemnt but not in Power?", comparing Brazil and Greece on 19 Jan 2015

    • "Flight for Democracy" – Collection of money for young Greeks to travel home for voting

    • Video messages of Austrian Green and Social Democratic MPs and of activists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x654hETtU9E





    Thanks to the help of Dimitri Zurstrassen, member of the VEGA secretariat (Belgium’s eco-socialist party)

    • Appeal of Support for SYRIZA” at https://appelsyriza.wordpress.com/
      First signatories: all the components of the radical left – as well as a Green French-speaking MP –, the FGTB union, many social movements (CADTM, Global Social Justice, etc.), and academics.

    • Text of Support: published in the leading newspaper “Le Soir”
      The list of signatories is even more extended: unions, movements, academics and political forces (mostly VEGA, Root, and SYRIZA Brussels)

    • Demonstration in Brussels on Saturday, 17 January
      More than 1,500 people took to the streets, at the initiative SYRIZA Brussels and different components of the Belgian radical left (mostly the Trotskyist LCR and the eco-socialist VEGA). Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&x-yt-ts=1421828030&v=tKUEuQcISWM&x-yt-cl=84411374

    • Public Meeting on Saturday, 17 January
      The meeting was held in the aftermath of the demonstration. A few hundreds attended: it clearly was a success. Among the speaker: a SYRIZA MEP, a Podemos MEP, Eric Toussaint (CADTM).

    • Crowdfunding Campaign
      The idea is to collect money for allowing Greeks to go to their homeland and vote.

    • Political Education on SYRIZA and its crucial role for changing Europe’s course
      At the initiative of VEGA: http://www.mouvement-vega.be/syriza/

    • The common unitary solidarity work will go on after the elections. New events will be scheduled.



    • The Appeal Grèce : Rendons-leur la démocratie ! (Troïka basta !) had already 16,400 signatories on 21 Jan.

    • CADTM signed, together with a lot of other French political organisations, trade unions and citizens associations a statement Let us support the right of Greek people to take over their destiny

    • Another Call has been initiated on 18 January, by the signatories of the Nantes Appeal of 2011, in which French citizens were declaring themselves Greek, by solidarity.

    • On 19 January a meeting in support with the Greek people and with SYRIZA was held and live streamed at Japy. 

    • There have been 1,400 participants and 6,000 streaming connections. EUR 3,000 have been collected for travels home to vote. Find the video here: http://www.pcf.fr/64979

      With: Georgios Katrougalos (député européen Syriza), Susan George (Attac), Pierre Laurent (Président du PGE, secrétaire national du PCF), Pascal Franchet (CADTM), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (député européen, PG), Cécile Duflot (Ancienne ministre du logement EELV), Patrick Saurin (Sud BPCE), Guillaume Balas (député européen PS), Clémentine Autain (Ensemble), Ana Azaria (Présidente de Femmes égalité), collectif Troïka Basta!, Patrick Saurin (porte-parole de Sud BPCE), Compagnie Erina, Pierre Larrouturou (Nouvelle Donne), Marc Delepouve (SNESUP), Liem Huang Ngoc (ancien co-rapporteur sur la Troika au Parlement européen)

      Hosted by:
      Political organisations: Altra Europa con Tsipras France, Bloco de Esquerda France, Club des Socialistes affligés, Ensemble!, Gauche Unitaire, Izquierda Unida France, Jeunes Ecologistes, Mouvement des Jeunes Communistes de France, Nouvelle Donne, Parti Communiste Français, Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France, Parti de la Gauche Européenne, Parti de Gauche, Parti Démocratique des Peuples de Turquie (HDP) France, République et Socialisme, Rifondazione Comunista France

      Trade unions: Fédération Nationale des Industries Chimiques CGT, Sud BPCE, Sud Santé Sociaux, Union Syndicale de la Psychiatrie

      Associations: ATTAC, Collectif Roosevelt, Collectif Solidarité France Grèce pour la Santé, Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde, Compagnie Errina, Femmes Egalité, Fondation Copernic, Journal électronique ReSPUBLICA, Les Désobéissants, Les efFRONTé-e-s, Marches européennes contre le chômage, Mouvement du Christianisme social, REP Réseau Education Populaire, transform! europe

      Personalities: ANGELI Verveine (Solidaires), BAYOU Julien (porte parole Europe Ecologie Les Verts), BACHE Marinette (Conseillère de Paris, Présid ente Nationale de Résistance Sociale), FILOCHE Gérard (membre du bureau politique du PS), GASSER Philippe (Psychiatre, Union Syndicale de la psychiatrie), KAHANE Claudine (syndicaliste universitaire du SNESUP), KAKI M'hamed (Militant associatif), LETOURNEUR Yves (philosophe et poète), HOANG NGOC Liêm (ancien député européen corapporteur du rapport au parlement européen sur la Troïka), SABADO François (membre de la direction de la IVème Internatio- nale), STERDYNIAK Henri (Economistes atterrés).

    • Press release EELV (the French Greens): EELV supports SYRIZA ET and the Greek ecologists in their endeavour to redirect European politics.







    • Press conference in Rome on 17 January to a chamber of deputies of the solidarity campaign "Change Greece - Change Europe" which was attended by some of the leading exponents of the Italian Left.

    • The appeal "Cambia la Grecia, Cambia l'Europa" has reached over 2,000 signatures, and launched the "Brigata Kalimera", that will bring in Greece over 200 people to follow the election - http://www.cambialagreciacambialeuropa.eu/





    • 10 Norwegians who support the European appeal “Change4all” in support of Syriza and the Greeks:
      Arne Vinje, Mayor of the municipality of Vinje
      Asbjørn Wahl, Director of the Campaign for the Welfare State
      Audun Lysbakken, Leader of the Socialist Left Party
      Bjørnar Moxness, Leader of The Red Party
      Dag Seierstad, Political Adviser for the parliamentary group of the Socialist Left Party
      John Olav Andersen, Member of the Executive Board of the Socialist Left Party
      Kirsti Bergstø, MP for the Socialist Left Party
      Knut Kjeldstadli, Professor in History, University of Oslo
      Mimmi Kvisvik, President of the Norwegian Union of Social Educators and Social Workers
      Roy Pedersen, President of the Trade Union Council of Oslo





    • Solidarity campaign run by the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (IDS)/ United Left (UL) 
      Thursday, 22 Janaury: The United Left coalition, which the IDS is a part of, is going to hold a public manifestation in front of the European Commission respresentation office in Ljubljana. Statements in support of SYRIZA and the Greek people will be read on the occasion of the event. Additionally, several videoclips with the statements of support will be made. Over the past couple of weeks, we have regularly shared supportive statements on our social media.

    • Institute for Labour Studies
      In the week followed by the elections, a public disscussion will be organized. It will be a more analytical one and will address such questions as what  economic policies should be adopted by Syriza within very hostile european integration framework.





    • Kıvanç Eliaçık, international secretary of DISK, which is a trade union confederation from Turkey, and a long term comrade of Syriza is among the first signatories of the “Change4all” appeal. Also Co-Presidents of HDK (Democratic Congress of People) and MPs Ms. Sebahat Tuncel and Mr. Ertuğruk Kürkçü sign the solidarity statement. The Co-Chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ of HDP signed appeal to support SYRIZA in the Greek elections.



    • The Greece Solidarity Campaign (GSC) is an independent campaign and non-party political organisation, established in response to an appeal by Tony Benn in February 2012 for solidarity with the people resisting ‘austerity’ in Greece. It is supported by the British Trades Union Congress and has a number of affiliated organisations and individual members, primarily from the labour and trade union movement.

      In September 2013 the TUC passed a motion of support for the GSC. See motion here: TUC Motion Sept 2013

      We have also established Medical Aid for Greece, to raise material support from the movement in Britain to support struggling clinics in Greece. Medical Aid for Greece also has TUC support.

      GSC speakers travel extensively within Britain to share information about the situation in Greece and build solidarity. We also issue an email Updates briefing, usually on a monthly basis, to a large list of supporters. We have organised a number of successful delegations to Athens, including British MPs, leading trade unionists and anti-austerity and health campaigners. Whilst in Greece we have met representatives of anti-austerity organisations, parties and movements.

      We have a constitution and democratic structures, including these aims which provide the framework for our work:

      - To develop practical acts in solidarity with Greek working people
      - To support and celebrate the determined resistance by all those opposing ‘austerity measures’ in Greece, with the exception of the so-called ‘anti-austerity’ neo-nazi elements
      - To provide information on the situation in Greece including debunking the myths about the causes of the crisis.
      - To circulate Updates, maintain a website and Facebook page, and encourage conferences, meetings, discussions, lobbies, pickets, publications, media work, musical and cultural events.
      - To encourage mutual contacts with Greece through delegations, twinning etc.
      - To oppose governmental attempts to weaken trade unions and destroy collective bargaining
      - To work with solidarity organisations of Greeks resident in the UK and to link with similar anti-austerity campaigns across Europe.
      - To oppose the growth and spread of neo-nazi violence, racism and fascism.
      - To defend Greece’s democracy, sovereignty and independence and support the right of the Greek people to determine their own future free from oppressive external intervention.
      - To support and build activity around these objectives throughout Britain, within Parliament and local government, with the TUC, trade unions, pensioners, students, faith groups, equality campaigns, cultural and political organisations, and social movement bodies.


    +++ Thanks to http://www.troikawatch.net

    Overview compiled on 21 January 2015