• Open Letter to the Comrades of Syriza

  • 03 Mar 15
  • Luciana Castellina, Italian left-wing intellectual proposed after the seminar on Civil society's respond to the Change in Greece, February 23/24 in Vienna, an open letter to Syriza.

    Dear comrades of Syriza,

    In the last years and months we have been very often in touch with your party learning a lot about your organization, activity and challenges. We have been very impressed by your determination and ability to mobilize Greek people against the disastrous EU policy.

    Your electoral victory has been source of encouragement for all of us.

    In these days we too are following with anxiety the very difficult negotiations your government has undertaken in Brussels. We are all aware that, giving the present relation of forces in Europe, it is not easy to immediately achieve all the goals, and we are committed to do our best in order to help changing the public opinion orientations, the policies of our governments, and at least to open contradictions within the front of those who would like to leave things as they are.

    It is going to be a very long war, during which we will experience set backs and advances. We have to keep our nerves strong and use all our intelligence to keep going on.

    If we write you it is because we want to thank you, comrades of Syriza, for the enormous help you have already given to all of us.

    Because, regardless the immediate outcomes of the negotiations with the European institutions undertaken by your government, you have already succeeded in changing the European political picture: for the first time the present EU ruling forces have been challenged by an alternative proposal.

    It had never happened before in the 58 years of its existence.

    This achievement has a great importance: it has encouraged us and frightened, despite their arrogant attitude, the Brussels autocracy. The way is now finally open for fight, the mood that has paralyzed the European left is over.

    Your success has opened a new ground for a common work between parties, trade unions, associations and movements across Europe, which does not necessarily coincide with government initiatives: to define a new EU model, to see how the present institutions and rules should be changed, to mobilize public opinion on the necessity to introduce these changes, to stop forever such disastrous polices which have brought Greece and other countries to the dramatic present situation.

    We, European left of all wings, meeting in Vienna to see how to strengthen our common battle for a new different Europe, felt we should send you a message of gratitude, because it has been your militants, your unity, your capacity which have allowed to arrive at this point.

    It does not yet - and it could not have been the case - bring to a victory, but it has produced something fundamental: it finally opened at the maximum level, and in front of the public opinion, the "war of long duration" to build a different Europe. 

    Thank you, Syriza comrades, the European left will always be grateful to you for the help you gave to our common cause.


    Luciana Castel­lina, Wal­ter Baier, Raf­faella Bolini, Maxime Bena­touil, Gui­seppe Cac­cia, Giorgos Chondros, Richard Detje, Peter Fleis­sner, Marga Ferre, Pierre Khalfa, Wal­traud Fritz-Klackl, Eli­sa­beth Gau­thier, Mireille Geloen, John Grahl, Peter Her­mann, Cor­ne­lia Hil­de­brandt, Jürgen Klute, Anej Kor­sika, Jiri Malek, Hugo Mon­teiro, Roberto Morea, Roberto Musac­chio, Valen­tina Oraz­zini, John Pal­mer, Michel Rousseau, Barbara Steiner, Jane Shal­lice, Marie-Dominique Vernhes,  Sol Trumbo Vila, Hil­lary Wainwright

    (March 5)


    Italian version: Il Manifesto, 2 March