• #changeGreece #changeEurope #change4all
  • Call for Participation in Online Solidarity

  • 16 Jan 15
  • The online appeal „Change Greece- Change Europe – Change4all“ and several other appeals all over Europe (seel list of links below) have already achieved great and forceful impact. As we move towards the 25th of January, international solidarity has to rise ever high.

    In these terms a social media campaign has been initialized in order to support and broaden the appeal and visualize solidarity in the social media.

    The concept:

    We start a collection of so called „selfies“, that include your personal support message for SYRIZA. The photographs will then be fused into a „digital video collage“, that will be spread through the internet.



    Take a piece of paper and write your message/wish for a Syriza government. Add the hashtah #changegreece #changeEurope #change4all at the bottom of  your cardboard/paper. Take a picture with your camera and email it to steiner @ transform-network.net .

    We will collect photos until Tuesday 20 Jan 2015 and hope that the video will be ready by 21 Jan 2015 .

    This should’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Thank you!



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