• Overview
  • Appeals and manifestations of solidarity with SYRIZA

  • 19 Feb 15
  • This presentation is incomplete and respresents extracts only, at the date of 19 February.


    a)     Recent Appeals of Solidarity

    Appeal by German trade unionists of DGB, supported by Austrian ÖGB: Greece after the election – not a threat but an opportunity for Europe  

    Scholars Appeal for Greece (300 Economists from many countries)

    Members of the Scientific Board of Progressive Economy Initiative (S&D), among them James Galbraith, who is also among the first signatories of the Change4all call launched a statement 

    Open letter of solidarity with the anti-austerity movement in Greece (by Greece Solidarity Campaign, UK)

    Avec la Grèce, changer l’Europe / An der Seite Griechenlands, Europa verändern (Luxembourg)https://luxsyriza.wordpress.com/appel-de/

    The Spanish transform! member FEC launched a solidarity statement with the Greek government, and people


    b)     Appeals before elections:

    Change Greece – Change Europe – Change4all : 5.000 signatories (incl. 300 initial signatories) at: http://www.with-the-greeks.eu, powered by transform! europe

    Support Syrizaamong the first signatories there are many GUE/NGL-MEPS; 7.500 signatories

    Declaration by the European Attac Network Greek Voters are the Hope for Europe

    France: Grèce : Rendons-leur la démocratie ! (Troïka basta !) 17.000 signatories

    Italy: Cambia la Grecia, Cambia l'Europahttp://www.cambialagreciacambialeuropa.eu/ 2.000 signatories

    UK: Greece Solidarity Campaign

    Portugal: Mudemos a Europa - Juntos (Let’s change Europe Together)

    Spain: Por el cambio en Grecia 7.600 signatories

    Germany: Für eine faire Berichterstattung über demokratische Entscheidungen in Griechenland


    c)      Solidarity week of action

    In the action week from 11 to 16 February, the week of the extraordinary Eurogroup meeting and European Council on Greece, a hundred thousand people in Greece and all over Europe and even in the Americas went to the streets to support the Greek government. Transform! europe contributed to the mobilisation, launching the call The Greek People Needs our Solidarity

    A map of protest and solidarity has been organised by activists via facebook


    On 11 February hundred manifestations took place, alone in Greece in 40 squares. After the spontaneous gathering of 10.000 people on Syntagma square to support the government on 5 February after the ECB‘s move to put political pressure on Greece’s goverment, 20.000-30.000 came together on 11 February. It’s the first time in history that people demonstrate to support the government instead of opposing it. It is to mention that about 30 (!) Italian cities had their mobilisations on 11 February alone. Besides this also in France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Great Britain, Cyprus, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Norway and also in New York and Brazil manifestations and solidarity meetings took place within this week of action and solidarity. On February 14 in Italy and on 15 and 16 again masses of people went to the streets to show their support and solidarity.


    d)     Some reports and impressions which reached us:

    From Ruurik Holm, Left Forum, Finland:

    Regarding a new initiative of the Left Forum for a debt negotiation mechanism in Europe, see the press release here (in Finnish):

    Moreover, Left Forum organizes a public discussion on “Greek Debt and Europe” on Friday, 20 February, featuring Dr. Teppo Eskelinen, and Dr. Timo Miettinen from the Network of European Studies. 

    In Helsinki a manifestation was held on 16 Feb


    From Helena Sheenan, Left Forum, Ireland:

    Our Greek Solidarity Committee in Ireland had a whole weekend of activities last weekend (6 to 8 Feb) with four Syriza  comrades visiting here in Dublin. GSC are planning another demo in the coming days. I'm asking Ronan Burtenshaw to reply to this call in more detail, as he did the lion's share of organising and has appropriate photos.

    Sinn Fein had a demo outside Dail Eireann on 11 Feb.

    Also various political parties (Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party) had public lectures on Greece post-election, as did the Centre for History of Labour and Class at the National University of Ireland in Galway. I spoke there on “Syriza: Storming the Citadel?” on 3 Feb.


    From the Comrades of Institute for Labour Studies and United Left, Slovenia:

    The “Coalition of United Left” from Slovenia, also a faction in the Slovenian parliament, is also supporting Syriza.
    On 11 February, the 3 MPs Luka Mesec, Violeta Tomić, and Matjaž Hanžek went to the Greek embassy and handed over a letter of solidarity. See here


     In Ljubliana on 16 February: “The Greek struggle is our struggle”...







     From Austria:


    On 9 February 200 people in Vienna, Austria, gathered to show support to the Greek government and people and to welcome Alexis Tsipras and the end of austerity. They withstood a snowstorm, chanting the songs “International Solidarity” and “Resistance in Greece, resistance everywhere”, holding signs saying “Now you have to decide Werner [Faymann, chancellor] – rise or abyss”, and “For a solidaric Europe”, “Haircut for Greece”, etc.  Find a short video by KPÖ here


     On Sunday, 15 February a manifestation of 150 people as part of the action week of solidarity was held. By solidarity4all Vienna, Podemos Vienna, Marea Granate, Precarity office, the Austrian communist party KPÖ, attac, etc.



    From Matyas Benyik, Hungary:


    “Action day of solidarity with Greece” in Hungary: In harmony with the Call for action of the transform! Network, dated of 8 February 2015 (“The Greek people needs our solidarity”) Attac Hungary and other CSOs as well as members of the European Left Workers Party 2006 (ELWP2006) Hungary gathered in the headquarters of the Mining Workers’ Trade Union in Budapest on 14 February. About 50-60 people had an interesting discussion about the devastating consequences of the system change, especially about the ailing Hungarian education; in the afternoon we have launched a Social Roundtable, a possibile new leftist movement copying the Greek Syriza’s experience. During this event we have organized a symbolic solidarity action. Attila Vajnai, leader of ELWP2006, made a speech emphasizing: “We are opposing to the blackmailing of Greece, the undemocratic pressure on the Greek people. The new Greek government is a followable example for the Left in Hungary. We demand to respect the January 25th decision of the Greek people”.


    From Emelie Canadas, CMS, Sweden:

    Februry 15 the Network for Greece organized a demonstation in the center of Stockholm. The purpose of the demonstrations was to show solidarity and support for the people of Greece and their efforts to stop European austerity politics. A few hundred people defied the ice cold weather and gathered at Mynttorget, close to the parliament building. Speeches in Swedish, English and Greek were held and Syriza flags were hung from the trees. 

    Although the left movement in Sweden celebrated Syriza’s victory in the Greek elections there has been little debate about what is happening now, and how the Swedish left movement can support Greece’s struggle against austerity and pressures from the Troika. This is probably due to the fact that Sweden has been exempt from austerity and got through the economic crisis without severe consequences.  In light of the dismantling of the welfare state in recent years, a high level of household debt and the recent decision to establish a negative interest rate means Sweden is not exempt of risk at being seriously affected in case of financial turmoil. The struggle against austerity in southern Europe is ours as well, since we could be next.

    Even if the left movement in Sweden isn’t, at the moment, looking to Syriza for lessons on how to stand against austerity, there have been discussions on what is to be learned about uniting and strengthening the left. During a left forum in Stockholm in January, shortly after Syriza’s election victory, hundreds of left activists and organizations gathered to listen to members from Syriza and Podemos’ talk about their struggle. Hopefully we will see more solidarity initiatives in Sweden in the coming weeks.  

    From Germany:

    At the press Blockupy conference in Frankfurt on 10 February, the solidarity with the Greek left has been stressed and the German trade unionists’ call has been presented by:               

    • Hans-Jürgen Urban, IG-Metall-Vorstand
    • Aaron Bruckmiller, Blockupy-Bündnis
    • Margarita Tsomou, “Blockupy goes Athens”
    • Thomas Sablowski, Blockupy-Bündnis

    Manifestation in front of the EU Commission, Berlin 11 February

    Pictures by Uwe Hiksch, flickr






    From Adoracion Guaman, FEC, Spain:
    Iquierda Unida and Initiativa Por Cataluña

    This morning, in order to support the efforts of the Greek government and understanding that the debt problem concerns the whole of Europe, Izquierda Unida and Initiativa Por Cataluña submitted to the National Congress an urgent motion


    From Italy:

    Thousands protest on February 14 in whole Italy


     From France:

    In many French cities there have been solidarity manifestations, among them on 15 February in Paris on the Place of the Republic. Supporting organisations have been:


    Associations, mouvements, syndicats: ATTAC, CADTM, Collectif National pour les Droits des Femmes, Collectif Roosevelt, Cie Bouche à Bouche, Confédération paysanne, Compagnie Erinna, Club socialistes affligés, DAL fédération, Economistes atterrés, Femmes Egalité, Fondation Copernic, Grèce-France Résistance, Les effronté-e-s, Les Hommes sans épaules, Les Oranges, Marches européennes, Mémoire des luttes,  Solidarité France Grèce pour la Santé, Transform!


    Organisations politiques :  Altra Europa con Tsipras France, Antarsya-France, Bloco de Esquerda France, Ensemble!, Front populaire Tunisie Ile-de-France, Gauche unitaire, Jeunes écologistes, Mouvement des Jeunes Communistes de France, Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, Nouvelle Donne, Parti Communiste Français, Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France, Parti de Gauche, République et Socialisme, Rifondazione Comunista France