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  • 18 Feb 15
  • Analyze Greece 

    Analyze Greece! is a new website, launched just a few days before the Greek elections, that introduces analyses concerning Greece exclusively in English. Analyze Greece! (News and Left Politics) aims to offer an alternative and critical orientation amidst the often confusing and conflicting information about Greece, as well as reliable documentation and annotation from the perspective of the Greek Left and social movements.

    For the time being, the content of Analyze Greece! is organised in five “files” (Εlections 2015, Times of Crisis, Far Right, Solidarity-Resistance, Left in Government). Analyze Greece! is presenting, on a weekly basis, the work of a photographer on Greece in the time of crisis, along with the photo of the week, while there already is a separate section dedicated to alternative social projects.

    Analyze Greece! reports to English-language readers from the frontline of  a crisis. 

    Bringing urgent texts – written, oral or visual – to the attention of people across the world, it circumvents the politics of the mainstream media and shares stories of living, coping and struggling through the Greek crisis and beyond. Analyze Greece exists to fill a gap; to provide a link between Greek social movements and the people of the world.

    Analyze Greece! is a joint project of Enthemata and Red Notebook.

    Enthemata is the Sunday supplement of Avgi –the daily newspaper of the Greek Left– devoted to critical analysis and political debate.

    Red Notebook is a leading website of the Greek Left offering analysis and commentary on contemporary events.


    twitter: @analyzeGreece

    email: analyzegr [at] gmail.com


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