• ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ for the Socialists, the Left, the Greens, and for ‘European Spring’, are giving their answers to Progressive Caucus’s 10 points

  • 20 May 19 Posted under: Elections , European Union
  • The lead candidates (spitzenkandidaten) for the European Commission’s presidency from the Party of European Socialists, the Party of European Left, the European Green Party, and ‘European Spring’, gave answers to Progressive Caucus’s 10 points for a political debate, ahead of the European elections, taking place on the 26th of May.

    The Steering Committee for the Progressive Caucus* in the European Parliament addressed a ten-point letter to the leading candidates of the four parties, asking them to engage in an open dialogue in the name of  the pursuit of progressive alliances in Europe:

    The 10 points:

    1. The four core principles of The Ventotene Manifesto: social justice, freedom of the people, peace and solidarity;

    2. A new Sustainable Development Pact to replace the Stability and Growth Pact;

    3. The reforming of the Treaties by adopting a new Charter for sovereign European democracy with a special focus on public control and accountability;

    4. The pre-eminence of social rights, education and collective bargaining over the freedoms for capital; 

    5. A pan-European conference for peace and collective security to reject war;

    6. The implementation of a European reindustrialization policy harnessing the circular economy, providing high-quality jobs in the framework of carbon neutrality; The accessible retraining of laid-off workers and the pursue of the redistribution of wealth created by the new technologies;

    7. The implementation of environmentally friendly policies and sustainable strategies to reverse the hazardous effects of climate change -on our societies, economies, public health, and environment;

    8. True gender equality at work and in all aspects of life by means of binding gender mainstreaming for EU policy;

    9. A common European framework for fighting tax evasion and money laundering.

    10. A shared European migration and asylum policy based on humanity and solidarity under a duly reformed Dublin system; 


    Frans Timmermans (Socialists), Nico Cue and Violeta Tomic (Left), Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout (Greens), Yanis Varoufakis and Isabelle Thomas (European Spring) are expressing their positions ahead of the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.


    Click on the name of the candidate to download his/her positions from the website of Progressice Caucus! 

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