The Dualities of the Swedish Welfare Model
  • Framing the Problem: Viability vs. Effect In the prevailing political and scientific discussion on welfare states in general and the Swedish welfare model in particular, the focus is on the question of the viability of the different welfare models (in light of demographic changes, globalisation, multiculturalism, citizenship etc.). By contrast, I believe that the basic question is not whether the Swedish model is viable – but whether it works.


  • June 7 +++ So it’s decided, Feminist initiative will join the Social democratic party group in the EU parliament. They’ve hade discussions with the greens and GUE/NGL, according to the party chair person Gudrun Schyman, but they’ve decided on the Social democrats because ”they are  a large group and...


    Women's Struggle Is Everyone's Struggle!
  • Maria Dexborg, leader of the Left Party in Malmö, on the current feminist and human rights debate in Sweden, which has taken a downturn since the new right-wing government came to power.
    The New, Reactionary Government of Sweden and How It Came Into Being
  • The latest Swedish elections have seen the rise of the far-right party, Swedish Democrats (which almost entirely focused on immigration and law and order) but also the fall of the left-wing government - says Erik Anderson, member of the Left Party of Sweden in an interview with Wojciech Łobodziński.
    The End of Swedish Exceptionalism
  • Two weeks have gone by since the election, but still no one knows who will be governing Sweden in the coming four years. The two traditional coalitions are tied at almost exactly the same result. The current governing red/green coalition, the Social Democrats, the Greens and passive support from the...
    Swedish Politics Up in the Air
  • Going into 2015, everything about the Swedish political landscape is up in the air. In a country where the social democrats held power – singlehandedly or supported by one or two other parties – during almost all of the 20th century, they are now unable to form even a coalition capable of getting the budget through parliament. Last week the budget proposal of the government lost to the opposing coalition, and the Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén publicly announced that he would call for extra elections.
    Fires at the Periphery of Stockholm
  • Mid May, Stockholm suburbs have been ablaze with fires. Cars have been torched in suburbs around the city and when the fire-fighters and police arrive they have been met by youths throwing stones. Why this? Why now? How come in Sweden?