Social Democracy


    Social Democracy Caught in the European Trap [1]
  • Political science literature has extensively described social democracy’s ‘two metamorphoses’. First there was the establishment of social democratic parties as major government parties in the ‘Keynesian State’ period and then their ‘de-social-democratisation’ after the 1970s, while the renovation...
    The Welfare State, The European Union And The Future
  • People are not equal, but all people need to be accorded equal value. And it is just this equal value that is permanently in danger, not only for traditional reasons like natural disasters, wars and slavery, but also as a result of a colonial history, geographic differences and, last but not least, today’s free market.


    More Equality for More Resilience
  • The year 2022 has given us a glimpse of the new world we are entering. We are witnessing the end of a long period of relative stability, prosperity and security. From now on, we will have to learn to live with uncertainty and restraint. An analysis by Christophe Degryse, Head of the Foresight Unit at the European Trade Union (ETUI).
    Slovak Left at the Crossroads
  • The parliamentary elections in March 2020 have redrawn the political map of Slovakia. It will undoubtedly have an impact on the left spectrum as well. What is the current state of the Slovak left and what are the challenges?
    Beach Politics Rule: The Epoch-Making Collapse of the Social Democrats
  • On the night of the first round of national elections in Lithuania, my head was spinning with possible article titles: the colossal defeat of the left, the era defining collapse, the epoch-making disaster of the socialdemocrats. I tried to remember the main slogan of their campaign but to no avail....
    European Social Democracy: Opponents or Potential Partners?
  • This two-days workshop in Madrid in March aimed to reveal the present state of the European Social Democracy, through a concrete analysis of the European Social Democratic parties in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium.
    Analysing European Social Democracy: The Stance of the Left
  • The workshop was dedicated to the state of affairs in European Social Democracy and the interrelation with the current crisis and the dismantling of European integration. In the framework of the event, we analyzed the decline of Social Democracy through the prism of post-democratic politics, as well as from the political economy perspective.
    The Neoliberal Agenda and European Social Democracies
  • The international meeting held in Florence from 16 to 17 November – promoted by the transform! europe foundation in collaboration with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – provided an important opportunity for political reflections which was met with very positive response by the entire spectrum of the Italian Left.


    The Welfare State Models: History, Ideologies, Developments and Challenges
  • The Institute for Critique and Social Emancipation Tirana (ICSE), a partner organisation of transform! europe, is hosting a lecture followed by a discussion on the history, ideologies, developments and challenges of welfare state models in the Western world, with an outlook on the possible future of the Albanian welfare state.