Human Rights


    EU-Tunisia Deal: The Spirit of 1951
  • Tunisia and the EU signed a memorandum of understanding for a "strategic partnership" on renewables, economic development, and — for all — migration in July. The ongoing EU ’s asylum reform and this long-sought deal with Tunisia aiming at externalising borders are the latest steps in its war on migrants. The author calls for new counter-strategies.
    Women's Struggle Is Everyone's Struggle!
  • Maria Dexborg, leader of the Left Party in Malmö, on the current feminist and human rights debate in Sweden, which has taken a downturn since the new right-wing government came to power.
    The Violence That We Refuse to Acknowledge
  • Violence against women exists in all social classes, nations, family and intimate relationships. Lithuanian social scientist and activist Reda Jureliavičiūtė explains why it often remains invisible and how we as a society can recognise the scope of the problem and find effective solutions.
    Imagining the World from the Perspective of Peace – Not War
  • Heidi Meinzolt of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) criticises the massive rearmament at a national, European, and global level and sheds light on the downward spiral of war from the perspective of feminist causal research.
    End Fortress Europe!
  • Ahead of the EU summit on 9-10 February, where migration policy will be high on the agenda, left-wing MEPs are calling for measures to allow people seeking safety in Europe to come to Europe in dignity.