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  • Europe is going through an emotional roller coaster. The top EU politicians all have their hands full in trying to manage and improve their half-hearted bailout attempts for member-states that are beginning to careen out of control. In all of this we can’t fail to see that the states in question are in no way being given a hand – not to mention the layers of the populations hit by the austerity measures. The goal of this unprofessional crisis management was and is first and foremost to protect European banks from meltdowns and to keep the financial markets in a good mood. It is an irony of history that the EU states only ended up in a precarious situation when after the outbreak of the...
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Europe: No Future?

Europe and the World on the Move

On the Far Right

  • Right-Wing Populism in Europe
  • Por Walter Baier
  • In many discussions the increase of extreme right-wing and right-wing populist parties in a growing number of European countries is regarded as if it were only a matter of parallel individual national...

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