• Editorial

  • Transform No. 5 is also dedicated to the global crisis. On the one hand, we will subject to a critical analysis the thesis that the global capitalist economy is now on the way to recovery. This is addressed from a European perspective by Joachim Bischoff and Richard Detje’s article, Europe in Crisis, and from a Latin-American angle by Pedro Páez Pérez’s article The Crisis of Capitalism and Post-Capitalist Horizons. On the other hand, in this issue we would like to add a new focus by dealing with the social, cultural and psychological effects of the crisis and of precarisation along with the resultant forms of resistance. In this light, see, for example, the article by Grzinic, Precarisation...
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  • Honduras: Anatomy of a Coup d’État
  • Por Leo Gabriel
  • Afflicted by epidemics and floods, Honduras has been, since the days of Francisco Morazán1 not only one of the poorest countries of the region, but also the hidden battlefield between conservatives...

Global Crisis

Labour and Precarisation

  • Precarisation and Financialisation
  • Por Marina Gržinić
  • I would like to develop two theses suggested by Rosa Reitsamer – precarisation and financialisation – in order to examine their consequences for the way we act, work and – last but not least – live. ...

Proposals and Exit Strategies


  • Losing the “Left” in Hungary?
  • Por Emilia Palonen
  • The European elections demonstrated and further contributed to a deep disillusionment on the left in Hungary. The equilibrium between the two main parties in Hungary was shaken for the first time. The...

  • News from the European Networks
  • Por Chantal Delmas
  • A Joint Social Conference took place in Brussels on September 14 and 15. It gathered together 20 countries with 22 trade-union confederations and 22 networks, social movements or NGOs, all interested...

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