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  • The current issue of transform! european journal for alternative thinking and political dialogue introduces some innovations. There are two changes: first, a change of organisation and of technical coordination behind the scenes. This was necessary, because with the publication of the first issues of the Portuguese and Italian editions, the journal is now being published in six languages.* Distribution and marketing are now being handled by VSA Publishing House, Hamburg. Starting in May, the print edition will be supplemented by a modified and technically improved website. At the same time, the first issue of a regularly published newsletter will appear. The editorial coordination of this...
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Focus: Crisis in Europe

  • Crisis in Poland
  • Por Krzysztof Pilawski
  • After years of economic upheaval in Poland, the financial crisis has hit the country dramatically. Alongside a rise in unemployment and decrease of industrial output, the crisis is leading to a...

  • Capitalism and Crisis in Denmark
  • Por Anders Lundkvist
  • Anders Lundkvist analyses the financial crisis in Denmark and shows through a discussion of capitalism and democracy that democratic organisation of the economy can hardly be less efficient than the...

  • Approaching the Crisis
  • Por Michalis Spourdalakis
  • The current crisis is casting its heavy shadow on the Davos Economic Forum, which has begun its annual meeting. This is only natural and in fact the crisis that has broken out over the last six months...

  • The Left and the European Parliament
  • Por Francis Wurtz
  • It is considered good form in some leftist circles – particularly the “far left” – to look down on the European Parliament: “What are you doing in this mess?”; “Decisions are taken elsewhere”; “Any...

World Social Forum


  • A Visit to the Gaza Strip
  • Por Luisa Morgantini
  • “The people of Gaza have been restricted to survival rations for over 20 months now. Restrictions on food types, clothing and school books are keeping innocent children underfed, cold and uneducated....

  • Post-Soviet Critical Marxism
  • Por Alexander Buzgalin
  • The Systemic Crisis of Capitalism and a New Understanding of Global Prerequisites for Socialism of the 21st Century Contradictions of Soviet Marxism and post-Soviet Marxism Unfortunately, after...

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