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  • transform! 2021 examina el impacto del capitalismo en el ecosistema mundial y la crisis económica, sus efectos en la logística y las fronteras, el modelo laboral, la sanidad, la integración europea, la geopolítica y las relaciones de género, pero - al mismo tiempo- las fisuras en la hegemonía neoliberal.


    Información de pedido

    "La amenaza mortal del capitalismo"
    Anuario 2021 de transform!
    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Haris Golemis
    Merlin Press
    ISBN 978-0-85036-770-6

    La publicación puede solicitarse en papel en Merlin Press y pronto estará disponible en formato eBook.



    Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Haris Golemis: Capitalism’s Deadly Threat

    In Memoriam
    Ingar Solty: The Global Left, Marxism, and Democratic Socialism: Remembering Leo Panitch (1945-2020)

    Walter Baier: The State of the Union: On the Eve of the Conference on the Future of Europe

    La crisis ecológica del capitalismo y las alternativas de la izquierda radical
    John Bellamy Foster: The Planetary Rift Interviewed by Haris Golemis
    Birgit Mahnkopf: On the Political Economy of the Ecological Crisis
    Teppo Eskelinen: Climate Change and Capitalist Development
    Nadja Charaby and KatjaVoigt: The UN Climate Summits: Not a Solution to the Climate Crisis – But it is Important to be There
    David Adler and Pawel Wargan: The EU’s Green Deal and the Betrayal of a Generation: A Strategy to Fight Back
    Kateřina Konečná: Sleepwalking from One Crisis to the Next
    Oguz Turkyilmaz: Proposals for a Democratic Energy Programme in Turkey

    Política y vida cotidiana bajo la pandemia
    Maria Karamessini: The Covid-19 Crisis and Socio-Economic Disruption in Europe: Threats and Challenges for Labour
    Adoración Guamán, Guillermo Murcia López, and José Miguel Sánchez Ocaña: The Coronavirus, Working People, and Precarity: Challenges for an Exit Based on Labour
    Roland Kulke: A Left Perspective on the Economics of the Corona Crisis
    Ursula Huws: Reaping the Whirlwind: Digitalisation, Restructuring, and Mobilisation in the Covid Crisis
    Amelia Martinez-Lobo and Andrea Peniche: The Pandemic Crisis and Its Impact on Women’s Lives
    Joanna Bourke: Pandemics and Domestic Violence
    Sandro Mezzadra: Testing Borders: Covid-19 and the Management of (Im)mobility
    Monika Mokre: Covid and the Unequal Distribution of Vulnerability
    Fabian Fajnwaks: Contemporary Forms of the Death Drive in Pandemic Capitalism
    Kevin Biderman, Eleanor Dare, Laura Gordon, Eleni Ikoniadou, Matt Lewis, Joseph Pochodzaj, Cecilia Wee, and Dylan Yamada-Rice: Exercises in Exorcism – Ways of Healing (Through) Art Education

    Informes nacionales
    Ethan Young: US Politics in Freefall
    Dimitris Psarras: Golden Dawn: The Rise and Fall of a Nazi Gang
    Asger Hougaard: Something Rotten in the State of Denmark? New Lessons and Old Problems for the Movements and Political Parties
    Michael Chessum: Corbynism’s Demise: A Warning from the Brexit Moment

    Luciana Castellina: 2021: 100 Years From the Founding of the Italian Communist Party – Ten Years After the Passing of Lucio Magri
    Walter Baier: The Constitution and Class Struggle: On the 100th Anniversary of Austria’s Federal Constitutional Law
    Milena Gegios and Dimitris Kousouris: Histories of the Greek Revolution: The Political Framing of a National Anniversary

    Diálogo cristiano-marxista
    Bernhard Callebaut: Catholics and the Economy: Pope Francis’s Narrative and the Challenges for Today’s Economy
    Karl-Helmut Lechner: To Differ and Learn From Each Other – A Marxist Voice on the Social Encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’

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