Konstantinos Loizos

Konstantinos Loizos is a Research Fellow at the Centre of Planning and Economic Research
(KEPE) and post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Economics, University of Athens,
Greece. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Hellenic Open University and a member of the
Board of Directors of the Hellenic Development Bank and the ΤΑΝΕΟ. His research interests
include development finance, financial systems and financial regulation both from a
theoretical and a policy perspective. His published papers include 'The Financial Repression-
Liberalization Debate: Taking Stock, Looking for a Synthesis' (Journal of Economic Surveys),
'Alternative Financial Regimes and Development Banks in Greece 1963-2002: What Have
We Learned?' (Economic Alternatives) and others. He is now working on a model of the
interbank market and the link between liquidity and solvency risk.