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  • transform! Yearbook 2015: “United Europe, Divided Europe”

  • 22 Jan 15
  • Problems and conflicts within and between European states have taken on new and alarming dimensions as economic crisis and neoliberal austerity policies continue to wreck havoc.

    The longer essays in the transform! yearbook 2015 draw connections between newly arising national conflicts, crises in social relations and democracy, and the diminishing appeal of European integration. These developments form the background for growing right-wing populism. The deep historical roots of the European crisis are traced in an essay ‘What Does History Tells Us?’

    The volume begins with an extensive interview with the new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The results of the European elections are also examined and the chances for left breakthroughs considered.

    The transform! yearbook 2015 ist the first of an annual series reporting on European political and social developments. The book is also available in FrenchGerman, Greek, and Italian.

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    UNITED EUROPE, DIVIDED EUROPE. transform! 2015
    Edited by Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss

    ISBN 978-0-85036-628-0
    250 pages, paperback
    Published December 2014
    The Merlin Press
    www.merlinpress.co.uk Direct link here
    Price: £ 16.95 (approx. € 22.50)

    You can read the contributions here


    Foreword Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss: United Europe, Divided Europe

    SYRIZA and Europe: An Interview with Alexis Tsipras


    Étienne Balibar: Europe – Nations: The Missing People and the Crisis of Legitimacy

    Walter Baier: The ‘National Question’ and European Integration

    Elisabeth Gauthier, Joachim Bischoff, Bernhard Müller: Right-Wing Extremism and Modernised Right-Wing Populism in Europe

    Frank Deppe: 1945 – 2015: What Does History Tell Us?

    Divisions in Europe and Challenges for the Left

    Steffen Lehndorff: The ‘Austeritarian’ Integration Dividing Europe

    Patrice Cohen-Séat: Europe: A Lock and a Key

    Gabriel Colletis: An Alternative European Industrial Policy?

    Marc Delepouve: A Left Project for Research in Europe. Some Principles and Proposals

    Lutz Brangsch: The European Union and Its Neighbours

    Anej Korsika: Some Notes on the Socialist Alternative in Post-Yugoslav Space

    European Elections: A Snapshot of the Balance of Power

    Cornelia Hildebrandt: The European Elections: An Analysis of the Results

    Fabien Escalona, Mathieu Vieira: Social Democracy Caught in the European Trap

    Thilo Janssen: Far Right-Wing Parties in the European Parliament

    Inger Johansen: The Danish People’s Party: A Journey to the Centre

    Luís Ramiro, Jaime Aja: The Left in the Storm: The Radical Left and the Elections in Spain

    Alfonso Gianni: The Italian Vote and the Problem of a New Left Political Entity

    Jiří Málek: East of the West – The Visegrad Four

    Holger Politt, Krzysztof Pilawski: Elections in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland

    Maxime Benatouil: transform! europehttps://www.transform-network.net/ 2014 at a Glance