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    Find a first election analysis (25 May) by Horst Kahrs on the right at "Documentation".




    IN POWER: CDU (right)

    Radical left party in the EP: 8 seats of 99

    The Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), heir to the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), and the Electoral Alternative - Labour and Social Justice (WASG) merged in 2007. “Die Linke” united the representatives of the far Left and former West German social democrats and obtained 12% of the vote in the 2009 federal elections. This is a level which has never been reached by a German party of the far Left after 1945. In 2013 , however, the party only obtained 8.2%.


    DIE LINKE’s Road to Power – Bernd Riexinger, co-chair of Germany’s Left Party, about socialist strategy in the 21st century

    In this interview, Bernd Riexinger talks about strategic challenges facing DIE LINKE. Citing Rosa Luxemburg’s idea of “revolutionary Realpolitik,” he examines the current situation and lays out strategic ideas for the future. The interviewer, Luigi Wolf, starts by going back to the legacy of the “united front strategy,” which was established by the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) in the 1920s, and then shifts to the challenges DIE LINKE currently faces.


    Wahl zum 8. Europäischen Parlament vom 22.–25. Mai 2014

    Vorwahlbericht von Horst Kahrs, Institut für Gesellschaftsanalyse der Rosa‐Luxemburg-Stiftung

    Download pdf (902 KB) on the right at “Documentation”


    Election Results 2009

    Results 2009: percentage


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