• On June 27, 2017 a press conference was held in Brussels to announce the enlargement of the European movement "Now the people".
  • The European movement "Now the people" is expanding!

  • 03 Aug 18
  • Founded in Lisbon on April 12, 2018 by La France Insoumise, Podemos (Spain) and Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal), the movement has now expanded to three new political formations: The Red-Green Alliance (Denmark), the Left Party (Sweden) and the Left Alliance (Finland).

    The press conference was broadcast live on the internet. 


    - Catarina MARTINS (Bloco de Esquerda - Portugal)

    - Jean Luc-MELENCHON (France Insoumise - France)

    - Younous Omarjee (France Insoumise - France)

    - Pernille SKIPPER (Red-Green Alliance - Denmark)

    - Malin BJORK (Left Party - Sweden)

    - Merja KYLLÖNEN (Left Alliance - Finland)

    - Miguel URBAN (Podemos - Spain)

    La France Insoumise sent a delegation in Brussels composed of Younous Omarjee MEP and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who participated in the press conference, but also the Insoumise MP Adrien Quatennens and the co-head of the program, Charlotte Girard.

    The representatives of the movement signed an additional declaration to the text "Now the people" ("Maintenant le peuple"/"Ahora el Pueblo") which had been signed in Lisbon on April 12, 2018. 


    "Now the People ! For a citizen revolution in Europe"

    The signature of a joint statement by representatives from Spanish Podemos, Portuguese Bloco de Esquerda and France Insoumise in Lisbon on the 12th April 2018 was an historic moment. Named “Now the People ! For a citizen revolution in Europe”, this manifesto marks the creation of a genuine European political movement which is led to expand in forthcoming months and years. With this collective commitment, Catarina Martins (Bloco), Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (France Insoumise) laid the foundations of a new Europe which will serve the people and fight the austerity policies imposed by Brussel. As the 2019 European election approaches, the signal sent is particularly important: everywhere in Europe there are humanists, progressives and popular movements which are ready to work together for more social justice, for peace, for prioritizing human rights and ecology. In addition, this European political movement will prove the effectivity of such collaboration among organisations through the development of common campaigning. As announced, concerted proposals regarding the struggle against tax fraud and tax evasion will be presented, both in the national Parliaments and in the European institutions. The signature of this manifesto constitutes the first step in the building of a European and even international political dynamic, and as such is very significant and carries the hope of the emergence of a new project for Europe. Other political movements already showed interest for this initiative or publically stated their support for this manifesto. It is the case of the Italian Potere al Popolo, which is the new progressive political force that Mélenchon met last February in Naples.



    source: lafranceinsoumise.fr