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  • Bibliography 2014

  • 22 Sep 14
  • We present the list of publications in the project “Crisis in Europe – Crisis of Europe” and AKADEMIA Working Group. 


    1. Project “Crisis in Europe – Crisis of Europe”


    Dossier:Euro in Debate – Future of the Euro?

    transform! europe is publishing a selection of controversial contributions dealing with the current debate concerning the future of the Euro. This dossier is an ongoing project continuously supplemented by new articles.

    Report: Together, we can put an end to the debt crisis and austerity in Europe

    The report compiles summaries of numerous contributions presented at the joint conference (European Left / transform!) held in Brussels on 10 April 2014. The conference brought together economists, social movements’ activists, and progressive politicians to discuss alternative solutions to the debt crisis .The links above also leads to a collection of papers.

    Piketty’s Theses. Analysis by Joachim Bischoff / Bernhard Müller: Modern Capitalism = An Oligarchic Society?

    The two Hamburg-based economists and Sozialismus editorialists discuss Thomas Piketty’s theses on inequality in the distribution of incomes and wealth within advanced capitalistic societies. The authors address the praises and criticism of Piketty’s work, as well as the structural weaknesses of his proposals to reduce inequalities without challenging the capitalistic social order.

    Report:Employees’ Perceptions in the Crisis: Internalized Constraints and Credibility of Alternatives

    Conceived as a partnership between Espaces Marx, Sozialismus and transform! europe, the workshop held in Paris on 7 July 2014 was the occasion to take stock of the ongoing transnational research project dedicated to the perceptions/consciousness in the crisis. The focus was about employees’ perceptions on the crisis, their working conditions and the credibility of social change.

    Report:Transform! Europe at the ATTAC European Summer University for Social Movements

    Through a large seminar divided into three sessions, transform! gave the floor to academics, trade unionists, social movements activists and progressive politicians in order to address the most critical issues faced by the EU: austerity policies and alternatives, the new political landscape after the EU elections, the citizens’ perceptions in the crisis and the electoral turnout, as well as relations between social movements and new political constructions.

    Quarterly European Economic and Social Review / Contradictions in Europe and Challenges for the Left

    The publication seeks to address needs expressed within transform! and beyond. The goal is to present the key points of social and economic evolutions on a regular basis, as well as to highlight the new contradictions caused by these evolutions on the political and ideological levels. The review will show how challenging for social and political actors these contradictions are. The first edition was written by Joachim Bischoff (Sozialismus): Europe: a Continent between Stagnation and a Geopolitical Turning Point

    Discussion Paper: “Crisis in Europe and Nationalist, Populist and Extreme Right in Europe. What Challenges for the Left?”

    The Discussion Paper will be issued in November 2014.


    2. AKADEMIA Working Groups


    Transform! Economists Working Group (TEWG)

    Discussion Paper by Sigfrido Ramirez and Maxime Benatouil: “From Industrial Policy to a European Productive Reconstruction

    Resulting from the fruitful discussions led within the TEWG and its participation in the 2013 EAEPE Annual Conference, the discussion paper aims at putting on the table a single document providing the reader with a synthetic overview of relevant progressive forces’ current positions concerning industrial policy and productive reconstruction.

    Transform! Economists Working Group (TEWG)

    Analysis by Gabriel Colletis: “An Alternative European Industrial Policy?”

    To be published in the transform! europe Yearbook 2015

    The necessity for an “industrial renaissance” seems, at present, to be the subject of a fairly broad consensus. Whereas, for a long time, industry was considered as being part of an outdated heritage, industrial jobs are now put forward as conditioning the number of jobs in the service sector. The article will question the usefulness of what the EU institutions label as a European industrial policy, and call for a general change of conceptual framework allowing for the set-up of an alternative industrial policy.

    Akademia Working Group: Critical History

    Discussion paper by Sia Anagnostopoulou and Sigfrido Ramirez: “Alternative Narrative on the Contemporary of the European Construction and Integration”.

    Its elaboration is on the way, based on an already available document drafted by Sia Anagostopoulou. The paper will be presented at the event scheduled for the end of the year in Paris dedicated – amongst other things – to the critical analysis of the “House of European History”.

    Akademia Working Group: Sciences, Society and Democracy

    Analysis co-written and edited by Marc Delepouve: “Public Research: What For? For a Left Project on Public Research in Europe”

    To be published in the transform! europe Yearbook 2015

    The idea of an analysis of what a Left project on European public research grew at the two-day conference held in Madrid in early February – at the initiative of Espaces Marx and the Akademia WG, together with transform! europe, FIM, FEC, GUE/NGL and the European Left.