• 03 Junio 2020 - 03 Junio 2020
  • Webinar
  • transform! europe Meeting the Left: Clémentine Autain

  • Watch the interview with Clémentine Autain, Member of the French National Assembly for La France Insoumise.

    The Corona-virus has hit the EU unprepared, but in different ways and with different effects depending on the countries. Most tragic were the effects on those countries whose healthcare and social systems have been emaciated by decades of austerity policies. Thus, the pandemic has increased inequalities not only inside the states but also between the Member States of the EU. This presents the parties of the radical left with a challenge and calls for a re-examination of their strategies.

    transform! europe hosts a series of web interviews with leading personalities of parties of the European left. The six interviewee will be Clémentine Autain, member of the National Assembly for La France Insoumise.

    Wednesday, 3 June
    18:00 (CET)

    The interview was simultaneously translated from French to English and vice versa.