• Annual Conference of “Forum Neue Politik der Arbeit”
  • Economic and Political Crisis in Europe - Chances for a Democratic and Social Europe


Friday, 1.2. 2013


Session 1: Logics and breaks in the neoliberal european policies, political trends in Europe: de-democratisation and separation? Which reaction are to be examined?

  • Brigitte Unger: „The national and European strategies of ruling politics dealing with the crisis, of austerity“ (Hans-Boeckler Foundation)
  • Frieder Otto Wolf: „The political development in Europe: Breaks between EU-countries; trends of re-nationalisation, of de-democratisation.“

Plenary Discussion

15:45-16:00 Coffee Break


Session 2: Social circumstances, social movements, power relations in the European countries

  • Steffen Lehndorff: Introductory Overview


  • Plenary with Ricardo Kirchhoff on the situation in Spain, Leo Seserko on the situation in Slovenia and (NN) Northern Europe


  • 3 Working Groups (with guests from several European countries)

From 19:30 Celebration of Frieder Otto Wolf’s 70th Birthday

Saturday , 2.2.2013


  • First conclusions by Walter Baier and Elisabeth Gautier (transform! europe)


Session 3: „Alternatives for a social and democratic Europe - chances for a mobilisation on national and European levels“

  • Trevor Evans (Berlin School of Economics and Law): „Alternatives  to austerity policies: pact of solidarity for a sustainable growth, redistribution, social security, democratisation of economy“  
  • Annelie Buntenbach (DGB-federal board) and Hans-Jürgen Urban (IG-Metall): „Unions' perspectives in European policies, unions' resistance“


  • Plenary Discussion: „Chances for a national and European movement“ with Frank Bsirske (Verdi), Leo Seserko, Richard Kirchhoff etc.


  • Dieter Scholz: Closing remarks  

The Conference will be held in German.