• Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum (CESEF)

  • The CESEF is considered as a part of the WSF-process. Its importance lies in the fact that the common problems of the CEE region which have been marginalized up to now in the European Social Forum will be highlighted. The consequences of the semi-peripheral (or peripheral) situation of CEE will be analyzed and a joint action programme hammered as the main outcome.

    The proposed title of the Vienna Forum is “Revolts in the Periphery? Fight against capitalist globalization and destruction of the nature”.

    The thematical axes shall be:

    1. Economic, social and ecological situation
    2. Reflections of the negative economic, social and ecological developments in the political sphere: reduction of democracy; corruption; rise of the far Right, etc.
    3. Concrete alternatives (resistance) against austerity measures
    4. How can we organize the international cooperation of the movements for another world in a better way?

    The gender axis will be transversal, which means that it will play an important role in each of the above 4 axes. 

    Invitation see on the right at "Documentation".

    The picture above was taken last November at the Firenze 10+10 event in front of Fortezza Basso and shows an antifasicst demo at the anniversary of the Cristal Night. The banner hold by activists of the Hungarian Social Forum means: “Another World is possible!”



Please refer to: http://www.sozialforum-asf.at/

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