• 30 Marzo 2012 - 31 Marzo 2012
  • Brussels
  • Alternative European Summit: "Against Austerity, for a Social, Democratic and Ecologic Europe"

  • Please find here the invitation of The Party of the European Left and the European network transform! to participate:


    Dear friends,

    Never since its creation has the European Union experienced such a crisis. The policies that are being implemented — unconditional support for the financial markets, austerity and serious violations of popular sovereignty — are ineffective and unbearable, aggravate the burden of the debt which it claims to be reducing; each day makes any escape from the crisis more remote. The situation in Greece shows us the chaos to which they inevitably lead.

    These policies are imposed in an increasingly authoritarian manner. A system of humiliating surveillance of countries is set up together  with the installation of governments of unelected technicians, peoples' sovereignties are affected and parliaments ignored.

    Either these choices persist and divisions between the peoples will increase until they endanger the very idea of a Union and allow the far Right to gain ground; or those who, like us, demand for social development, real democracy, solidarity, are able to unite and create hope. Inventing new ways out of the crisis, connecting our social and political struggles at national and European levels, and rethinking the European Union have become one and the same challenge.

    It has become urgent to open a dialogue and the search for convergence between all forces which are fighting against austerity and which want to build another kind of European Union. That is why

    the Party of European Left and the European network  transform !

    invite you to participate in building a first


    Against austerity, for a social, democratic and ecologic Europe

    Friday 30 (18:00– 22:00) & Saturday 31 march 2012 (9:00-17:00)

    Confederation of Christian Trade Unions, Brussel


    Hope to see you there,


    Walter BAIER and Elisabeth GAUTHIER, transform! europe

    Pierre LAURENT, President of the European Left Part