• transform! europe Newsletter 5/2010

  • 20 May 10
  • Contents


    International Council of the World Social Forum, Mexico City 

    transform! Working Group Brussels: Recent public debate on Greece  

    Enlazando Alternativas/Linking Alternatives, Madrid


    Strategic Perspectives of the Left in Europe (II), Florence 

    European Social Forum 2010, Istanbul 

    Summer University 2010 

    “Tool Box”

    Release of volume no. 6 of the transform! magazine 

    Booklet on the Women’s Conference in Copenhagen 

    Documentation of the Vienna Seminar on the Crisis 2010 

    Printed Versions of EuroMemorandum 2009/2010 

    Study on the Effects of the Financial Crisis on Private Pensions 

    Documentation of the Majorca Seminar on the Strategic 

    Perspectives of the European Left (I)