• Webinar
  • RIMPAC, NATO Versus a Peaceful Asia Pacific

  • 27 Jun 22 Posted under: Sur Global , Asia , Paz y Guerra
  • Given the rising possibility of global war, the panelists will analyse and oppose the largest military exercises on the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC), as well as lay out the implications of participation in NATO.

    Thursday, 30 June 2022
    9:00 - 10:45 (CET)
    via Zoom

    More information, please click here.


    • Ann Wright, Hawaii Peace & Justice
    • Katerina Anastasiou, transform! europe
    • Anu Chenoy, AEPF
    • Walter Baier, transform! europe
    • Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South
    • Reiner Braun, International No to NATO No to War Network
    • Monaeka Flores, Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian, Guam
    • Sean Conner, International Peace Bureau


    • Dong Huy Coung
    • Tabitha Spence

    Organised by: Asia Europe Peoples Forum, International Peace Bureau, transform! europe, International No to NATO No to War Network, Pacific Peace Network

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