• Petition: Say no to the attack on social and democratic rights in Europe!

  • 16 Jun 11
  • The financial crisis has caused a substantial increase in public debt. Instead of sending the bill to the banking and financial services industry, European governments and the European Commission plan to make ordinary citizens pay: workers, families, young people.

    The euro crisis has become the occasion to set up a neoliberal "economic governance" which will impose austerity measures in the different European countries for the next years. At the same time, the European Commission will be given enormous power to implement burdensome financial sanctions on countries which do not adopt such painful measures.

    There are though many alternatives to this neoliberal austerity package - such as the introduction of a financial transaction tax, or the regulation of financial markets. Therefore your action is needed to call on Members of European Parliament to stop it: The Vote is on June 8th.

    Sign the petition: www.oureurope.org