• ESF Istanbul 2010: Analysis and Reports

  • 27 Sep 10 Posted under: Foros Sociales
  • transform!europe participated in the 6th European Social Forum held in Istanbul, July 2010. 


    The seminars co- organised by transform!europe were:

    • Which political answer to the crisis ?
    • Analysis of the car industry crisis: what kind of social and ecological reconversion do we need?
    • What can be a left perspective of ecology?
    • The gender question in the economical crisis
    • The neoliberal reform of higher eduacation: student struggles of the last period
    • What "the Greek crisis" revealed. Beyond the Lisbon Treaty?
    • After the social and political "Greek crisis", how to build another Europe?
    • Economy and Democracy::How the lack of democracy causes the crisis of economy.How the promotion of democracy will promote a social economy
    • Link between social and environmental crises – The transition to a different economic model 
    • Anti-crisis programs of left and social movments: a comparative analysis 
    • Finally we are all P. I. G.S.? (Europe in crisis)


    transform! has been associated to the seminar:

    • The ESF, the global crisis and the European policies. Which challenges for the movements?


    Please download from the right

    • the transform! special edition
    • analysis, reports and output
    • inputs and sources of the seminars

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