European Parliament


    Fit for 55 Vote: Greenwashing and Power Games
  • The European Parliament votes down the controvese Emissions Trading System (ETS). It was rejected by a clear majority, with the Green and Socialist MEPs rejecting the proposal because the amendments of the conservative groups weakened it too much in their opinion, while the right-wing groups considered it too ambitious.


    The Far-Right in the European Parliament
  • The aim of this study is to examine the far-right in the EP from 2019 until today (September 2022) from different angles and to provide answers to the questions regarding what happened after the 2019 elections, how the European far-right is organised in the EP and what the connecting factors and dividing lines between the far-right parties are.


    «The Crisis and Future of Democracy»
  • The Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, partner organisation of transform! europe, presents its new anthology "The Crisis and Future of Democracy" and kindly invites you to a panel discussion with the authors of the volume and Marisa Matias, MEP, exhibition and evening reception.