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    When Winter Came in July: The Left Has to Rethink Europe
  • After the Paris attacks, Europe froze into a winter of icy fear. But contrary to the media’s image, the threat, which is exploited to enforce surveillance and tightened border controls, is at least as internal as it is external. The arrested terrorists’ papers were all in order, they moved about...
    An Alternative European Industrial Policy?
  • The need for an ‘industrial renaissance’ seems now to be the object of a fairly broad consensus. Although for a long time industry was considered part of an outdated heritage, industrial jobs are now seen as a crucial factor conditioning the number of jobs, skilled and less skilled, in the service...
    A Progressive European Response to the Crisis in the Euro Area
  • The growth of private international financial institutions since the 1970s has seriously curtailed the ability of national governments to exercise democratic control over economic policy. This was vividly demonstrated early in the 1980s, when capital flight forced the French government of President...
    Can We Design a European New Deal for the 21st Century?
  • Can we design a “New Deal” for our European Union countries that are in profound crisis? And – because to me, this is the real, underlying question – to what practical end? Aside from being an intellectual challenge, how could the application of measures designed in the first third of the 20th...


    TWT 2019: The Left in the UK Aims for Transformation!
  • Supported by transform! europe once again, the fourth edition of The World Transformed (TWT), the most well-known and well-attended left-wing political festival in the UK, raised some very important questions for the left, acting as an example in terms of the methods applied. A report by Haris Golemis and Angelina Giannopoulou.
    Final Declaration European Forum Bilbao
  • Our goal is to fight for a Europe that is a fully cooperative, solidary, equal and socially advanced democracy. We call for empowering popular sovereignty by launching a new charter for sovereign democracy in Europe.
    50 Steps to Govern Together
  • The coalition between Podemos and IU (called “Unidos Podemos” – Together We Can) is the only one that, on 26 June, could overturn the situation created by the 20 December Spanish election. In order to do that, Podemos and IU have agreed on a 50-point programme to end austerity and bring democracy to the country. Here we present transform!’s translation of said agreement.
    EL for Remodelling of European Financial Institutions
  • On 10 April 2014, the Party of the European Left (EL) and transform! europe jointly organized an International Conference in Brussels. The aim of the meeting was to explore the alternatives to solve the problem of the debt and stop the austerity policies.


    The 2021 Jörg Huffschmid Award
  • In memory of the scholarly work and political engagement of the critical economist Jörg Huffschmid, the call for submissions to the competitive award named after him, which seeks to recognize outstanding work in the field of Political Economy is issued; the Jörg Huffschmid Award is currently in its sixth iteration.
    A call for a new European social contract
  • Call for a new progressive and democratic front in Europe. A statement of intellectuals and academics initiated by, amongst others, Costas Douzinas, President of the Nicos Poulantzas Institute, a transform! europe member organization.
    Housing For All
  • Housing is a human right and not a commodity. A European Citizens’ Initiative demands better EU legislation for affordable, public and social housing in Europe.
    Jörg-Huffschmid-Award 2019
  • In memoriam of the scientific work and the political engagement of the critical economist Joerg Huffschmid the call for the award that is named after him is now announced for the 5th time, awarding outstanding works in the field of Political Economy.
    "Global and Institutional Crisis and Red-Green Alternatives"
  • Transform!Danmark organized its seventh international conference on 17 March 2018 in Copenhagen on developing left economic and ecological alternatives and so continued the path of the 2015 to 2017 conferences to link red and green alternatives and bridge the gap between the two.
    A Plan B against the EU: Rebuilding Europe before it collapses
  • As illustrated by the last economic crisis and by the way its effects have been handled in Greece, the European Union acts as a crutch to protect the market’s flawed logics against democracy. As a new banking crisis of unprecedented magnitude now looms, something must be done urgently.
    DiEM25 in Rome with Yanis Varoufakis
  • Last 23 March, European Alternatives and DiEM25 organised “Democracy in Europe”, a large-scale event that brought together in Rome hundreds of Europeans claiming a different path for the current model of Europe.
    Europe’s Left on its Way to Readjusting its European Strategy
  • The neoliberal model has failed. In order to counteract the current destructive tendencies of Europe’s governing elite, various conferences and meetings have been organised by forces of the Left in order to find a common strategy. These events are taking place all over Europe and raise hopes for long-desired change.  
    #TalkRealYanis – Democracy in Europe
  • Here you can watch the livestream of the special edition of the political webshow TalkReal on 8 February, one day before the launch of the new movement DiEM25 by Yanis Varoufakis.
    European Forum for Alternatives – Yes To Another Europe!
  • Ten years almost to the day after the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by referenda in France and the Netherlands, progressive forces across Europe gathered in Paris last weekend. And, this time, to say “yes” together with the Greeks: “yes to another Europe, a Europe of cooperation and solidarity” as stated by the chairman of the Party of the European Left (EL) Pierre Laurent, and to show that alternatives to austerity and generalised competition do indeed exist.
    EL for Remodelling of European Financial Institutions
  • On 10 April the Party of the European Left (EL) and transform! europe jointly organized an International Conference in Brussels. The aim of the meeting was to explore the alternatives to solve the problem of the debt and stop the austerity policies.


    Different Scenarios for the Future of the Monetary Union
  • At the 2018 Summer University of transform! europe and the European Left Party in Vienna, the discussion regarding the best monetary system for the EU represents one of the most hotly discussed debates in left circles - hardly surprising, given the relevance of this issue.
    Re-appropriating Europe as a Common
  • Despite the return to modest economic growth in the EU and the Euro group the scars of the economic crisis persist. The European Union still operates in a crisis mode. Inside the Left a debate on how to cope with the crisis of European integration has begun.
    Solving Energy Poverty
  • Solving Energy Poverty could be one of the biggest achievements of the 21st century. Rising energy costs and falling household incomes make energy poverty a growing concern in the European Union. This means that approximately 11% of the population in the EU is not able to adequately heat or cool their homes at affordable costs.
    Thinking Europe as a Commons
  • As the German playwright Bertolt Brecht once noted, ‘Thought is something that follows from difficulties and precedes action’. The European Union is in difficulties. So too is the Left.
    From Industrial Policy to a European Productive Reconstruction
  • The discussion of a productive reconstruction of Europe’s economy goes beyond the development of a European industrial policy. It embraces also the relationship with the environmental challenge and the re-invention of democratic forms of workers’ participation in the development of their craft and companies. At any rate it is substantial for finding an exit of the lingering crisis of European integration.
    Basic Income Proposals in Finland, Germany and Spain
  • The idea of a basic income has a long history. First proposals for unconditional grants emerged over 200 years ago. Since the turn of the 21st century, the BI in its various forms has gained increasing interest among social philosophers, economists, social policy experts and policymakers.


    Peace, Fights, Left, Right - In Italy and in Europe
  • These are the key issues of the meeting that transform! europe is presenting in Rome on 14 June, inviting representatives of left-wing political forces, including Walter Baier (President of the Party of the European Left), Manon Aubry (Co-President of the European Parliamentary Group of the Left) and Michele Santoro (organiser of the Peace Raley).