The Danish People’s Party: A Journey to the Centre [1]
  • The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti DF)2 was the big winner of the European Parliament (EP) elections in Denmark with 26.7 per cent of the votes. This represented a rise in the party’s votes of 11.2 per cent compared to the EP elections in 2009. The Danish People’s Party was also one of the...
    Danish Elections – New Government
  • A new Danish government was formed on October 3rd, consisting of three parties: It is led by the Social Democrats – the other participants are the Liberal Democrats (”Det Radikale Venstre”) and the Socialist People’s Party – SF. Enhedslisten/the Red-Green Alliance (RGA) is a supporting (tolerating)...


    EP Elections in Denmark
  • The EP elections were a victory for a neo-liberal agenda and to a much lesser degree for a green one, although here - as in some other EU member countries - the vote for “green” parties served to reduce the vote f0r the radical left.


    In the Great Transformation
  • The Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten (Denmark) adopted at its Annual Congress on 5 – 6 October a program on globalisation entitled A Green Earth With Peace and Room for Us All, thus becoming the first party providing a comprehensive analysis on the current stage of international capitalism. Read Walter Baier's review.
    A Green Earth With Peace And Room For Us All
  • Draft Globalization programme submitted by the National Board of the Red-Green Alliance/Enhedslisten, Denmark, to the party’s next Annual Congress on 5 - 6 October. It is a programmatic text about global development.
    On the Result of the Referendum in Denmark
  • On 3 December the Danes voted “No” to ending Denmark's opt-out on the EU’s justice and home affairs rules. Enhedslisten - the Red-Green Alliance are very happy about the result, which we see as a “No” to less democracy and less legal certainty – but not a “No” to international cooperation.
    Danish Elections – A Right-wing Victory
  • Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Denmark were surprising in many ways. The extreme right-wing Danish People’s Party became the big winner, which also led to a huge defeat of the biggest party in the last elections in 2011, the Liberal party “Venstre”.