• Short Report Elections 2014 The parliamentary Left suffered a big blow and lost approximately 35,000-40,000 votes. It nevertheless kept its two seats (with current MEP and member of the CC Takis Hadjgeorgiou and Political Bureau member Neoklis Silikiotis going to Brussels), due to a record low/high...


    7th Nicosia Book Fest
  • Chrysostomos Pashiardis from the Research Institute "Promitheas", an observer organisation of transform! europe, reports on the successful book festival held in Nicosia, Cyprus, from 13-14 and 22-24 October 2022, which has been organised by "Promitheas" Research Institute since 2016.
    Reclaim the Urban Space!
  • The Research Institute PROMITHEAS organized with the suppport of transform! europe an event with alternative, non-commercial activities for the local community, the family and its citizens of Nicosia who, through their presence reclaimed - albeit temporarily - the old GSP stadium as a "Common" space for all.
    Demetris Christofias (1946-2019) – In Memoriam
  • Demetris Christofias passed away on 21 June 2019 at the age of 72. Christofias was the sixth president of the Republic of Cyprus (2008-2013), the first leftist to be elected at the highest office in Cyprus. Prior to that he was also the first communist president of the Cypriot House of Representatives (2001-2008).
    Is Capitalism’s Social Contract under Collapse?
  • Cyprus is currently experiencing dramatic moments that are expected to subvert the entire network of social relations and daily life of our people. The recent agreement of the Cypriot government with Eurogroup overturns violently the main pillar of the capitalist structure; namely, the banking sector.